Easter is Sailing Time

Every year my Easter involves a major sailing competition. This year we are at the Olympic venue of Weymouth, and we are staying in one of the Olympic village houses, which are vry nice and up for sale Should I get one?
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You heard it here first. The next Americas Cup will be in AC45′s. Cool.
Mind you not cool if they do go ahead with the Honalulu Plan, but San Diego would be nice.



OBIEE News is out! Edition of 14th March

Stories from mandsconsulting.com, obibb.wordpress.com and blog.3sixty-analytics.com

Videos such as: Regression Testing: Do your users think OBIEE is unreliable?

Blorssgs of the Week

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1. Set up https (SSL) for Weblogic and OBIEE

Daan Bakboord blogs (with the help of guest authors Menno Harzing and Rob Chou) about being confronted with the fact that in a new environment, Oracle eBS runs on https while the Oracle BI environment was still http. The steps in this blogs are followed to protect data-transport from/to OBIEE via the internet.
There are two parts described in the blog to accomplish this:

Part One – Configuration under Weblogic Console
Part Two – Configuration under OFMW Enterprise Manager

2. 3rd Party Visualizations in OBIEE – Part 2

Kevin McGinley says, “In Part 1 of this post, I wrote about why you might want to add third-party visualization capabilities for OBIEE and gave a brief explanation how to setup one approach: calling java visualization engines.  In this post, I’ll give a simple and a more advanced example of how to do this specifically in one of the engines: Flot.  In Part 3, I’ll do the same for D3″

3. Endeca – create a new data domain in Linux

Simon Parsons discusses how to do this and refers to a document entitled “Integrator Migration Guide

4. EPM Patching Woes, Trials, and Tribulations

Cameron Lackpour warns, “Don’t take infrastructure advice from me.  Ever.  That begs the question, “Why are you reading a blog post on infrastructure by yr. obdnt. srvnt.”?  Simply because tales of suffering, woe, and misadventure are always instructive and sometimes entertaining.  Read below to know that when I write this I state the truth.”

5. OBIEE – Changing the search defaults to contains and no Match Case

Boris Dahav starts this post saying, ”

This post (done on obiee describes how to change the the search default from “Starts” to “Contains” and un-check the Match Case mark (as default).This week 2 different customers requested the same: changing the search default to “Contains” with Match Case not marked.”


6. Oracle Text and Oracle Data Miner

Brendan Tierney begins by saying, “This blog post is a follow up to comment on a previous blog post and to some emails. Basically the people are asking about some messages they get when they open the Oracle Data Miner tool, that is part of SQL Developer. If you are just using the SQL and PL/SQL functions in the database then you do not have to worried about Oracle Text. You will receive no warning message. But if you use the Oracle Data Miner tool you will get a warning message.” Read on for further details.

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Raqsoft OLAP shared Tap Utmost Value of Excel

Mayuri Agrawal shared a link to BI Course YouTube videos including:

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Rick Sturm shared How Big Data Is Changing Air Travel

Marcus Borba tweeted Big data, little kids, and the parents in between

OraNA.info shared Twitter Tuesday – Top 10 @ArchBeat Tweets – April 1-7, 2014

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OBIEE and the Big Data


This week’s OBIEE News is out! Edition of 31st March

Stories from kentgraziano.com, obibb.wordpress.com and mkashu.blogspot.com

Videos such as: Crystal Reports to OBIEE conversion

blogBlogs of the week

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1. Big Data and Analytics Top Ten Trends for 2014

Daan Bakboord posts the Top Ten Trends “Big Data” & “Analytics“ for 2014 posted recently by Oracle. The original paper is here.

2. 3rd-Party Visualizations in OBIEE – Part 1

Kevin McGinley puts together in a blog the presentation he gave at the BIWA Summit. This blog is Part 1 in a 3 part blog series.

3. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g : Getting familiar With Oracle’s Business Intelligence Applications Configuration Manager (BIACM) & Functional Set-Up Manager (FSM)

This blog from KPI Partners says that the following questions arise:

  1. What has to be configured in BIACM?
  2. What is FSM meant for?
  3. Where is DAC?
  4. How do I create an execution plan?
  5. What is an offering?
  6. How to monitor the load?

Read the full and detailed blog post here.

4. OBIEE11g: Creating and Developing Custom Styles, Skins & Messages (Part 2)

In the second part of the series, Andrew Fagence explains how to develop and deploy a custom style and message.  He says, “There are many more combinations to try in terms of colours, fonts, other logo’s… The possibilities of customising OBIEE 11g to your companies needs are endless!”

5. Better Data Modeling: My Top 3 Reasons why you should put Foreign Keys in your Data Warehouse

Kent Graziano says, “This question came up at the recent World Wide Data Vault Consortium. Seems there are still many folks who build a data warehouse (or data mart) that do not include FKs in the database.”

He gives his main three reasons why you should include FK constraints in your Oracle data warehouse database as:

  1. The Oracle optimizer uses the constraints to make better decisions on join paths.
  2. Your Data Modeling and BI tools can read the FKs from the data dictionary to create correct joins in the meta data of the tool (SDDM, Erwin, OBIEE, Cognos, Bus Objects can all do this).
  3. It is a good QA check on your ETL. (Yeah, I know… the ETL code is perfect and checks all that stuff, bla, bla, bla)

6. Getting started with Hybrid Essbase

Cameron Lackpour says, “How do you use Hybrid Essbase? It’s actually very simple.”

  1. Install the patches .
  2. Configure the Essbase.cfg file to use the ASODYNAMICAGGINBSO setting
  3. Tag all of the upper level members in your sparse dimensions as dynamic.
  4. Have fun, fun, fun, discovering what Hybrid can and cannot yet do

Read the full blog post for more information.

7. Major Update Releases for Oracle’s R Technologies

“March 2014 turned out to be a banner month for the team working on Oracle R Enterprise, Oracle R Distribution, and Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop.” See the Oracle R Technologies page here and watch “StubHub Creates a Safe Marketplace with Oracle Advanced Analytics”

StubHub uses Oracle Advanced Analytics to understand its customers in its online marketplace. Analysis times are much shorter, setup was fast and easy, and data scientists like the integration of R with the data warehouse.


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OraNa.info tweeted How To Find Application Data For Use In Customization & Integration

Rachel@NCSLondon posted Oracle Becomes ‘Kinder, Gentler,’ President Hurd Claims

Jeff Smith posted A Few Thoughts Regarding Oracle Open World 2013 from the Archives.

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Daisy Ding  posted esProc Helps Database realize Real-time Big Data Computing

Timothy J. Simkiss shared How Financial Automation Turns CPAs & Controllers Into Financial Close Superheroes

Mark Willems  posted information about the Webinar Leverage the Benefits of a Comprehensive Advanced Analytics Platform

Nithya Regina asked for help: Need Help : Fmap Image Not Shown When Printing to PDF – Fmap Function Showing White Space Instead – Image Can be Seeing in Dashboard but not in pdf —OBIEE analytics

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This week’s OBIEE News is out! Edition of 24th March

Stories from thatjeffsmith.com, sranka.wordpress.com and rittmanmead.com

Videos such as:

The Intelligence Guy – Oracle BI Mobile

blogBlogs of the Week

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1. EPM patch has landed

John Goodwin says, “Finally after a long wait EPM has arrived and the patch comes in a bundled 1.8GB download or as Oracle likes to call it a superpatch.”

Read the full details here.

2. OBIEE BI Publisher prompts not visible when added to dashboard page

Arun Kumar writes, “When creating a BI Publisher report from a BIP data model, we can add prompts on the report directly to have interactivity on the report. This is specifically useful if you end up creating a BIP report when all required field are not available in the Subject Area, and the report is more like a one-of report (not requiring any further Ad-Hoc analysis). The report and prompts work well when accessed from a catalog directly. But when you try to add the same BIP report to a dashboard page, it does not show the prompts for some reason.”

He then explores in his post, two workarounds for this problem.

3. OBI Mobile App for Android devices available now

Download it from the Play Store.

Shiva Molabanti gives us some useful screenshots as a taster!

4. OBIEE 11g – Multiple Instances on Computer – Auto Ports Vs Custom Ports

Pravin Khadakkar states, “The standard installation of OBIEE 11g would configure software components to default ports. These ports may be different if it is chosen manually during installation process. The problem arises when company plans to install multiple instances of Oracle Business Intelligence on a single computer; there is a need to decide on a port management strategy. There are two options; the first option is to allow Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Installer to assign the ports for each instance automatically while other option is to assign ports through a custom port configuration file (.ini).”

He then goes through:

  • Auto Port
  • Custom Port Configuration
  • Review Configuration
  • Commands to Find Active Ports

5. Live from the 1st Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium: Day 1

In the 1st of three posts, Kent Graziano gives us the news from Day 1 of the 1st Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium.

6. Live from the 1st Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium: Day 2

Read on for the highlights of Day 2.

7. Live from the 1st Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium: Day 3

…and finally the news from day 3!

8. Open World 2014 – guidelines for call-for-papers…

Keith Laker provides us with his top 10 list of guidelines for submitting proposals including:

* Make the title and abstract interesting – Your title and abstract must be easy to read and make sure you introduce your main idea as early as possible. Review the titles and abstracts from previous conferences as a guide. Ideally make the issue relevant to the delegates attending OWW, get to the point, and make sure it is easy to read.

* Look at previous presentations – the content catalog for last year’s conference is available online,see here:https://oracleus.activeevents.com/2013/connect/search.ww?eventRef=openworld. You can review all the titles and abstracts that were accepted and use them as guidelines for creating your own title and abstract for this year’s conference.

Read the full article for more fantastic tips.

9. Creating Text Entry in Essbase – SmartList

Steve Yeung explores SmartLists in this blog. He concludes with, “The interesting part is that OBIEE doesn’t seem to support SmartList for some reason. Let me see what I can do to retrieve this list later on next week.”

10. Oracle BigDataLite version 2.5.1 is now available

Brendan Tierney tells us of that a new updated versions of the BigDataLite VM was released on Wednesday.

The following components are included on Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine v 2.5:

Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.4

Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Enterprise Edition (

Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH4.6)

Cloudera Manager 4.8.2

Cloudera Enterprise Technology, including:

Cloudera RTQ (Impala 1.2.3)

Cloudera RTS (Search 1.2)

Oracle Big Data Connectors 2.5

Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS 2.3.0

Oracle Loader for Hadoop 2.3.1

Oracle Data Integrator 11g

Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop 2.3.1

Oracle XQuery for Hadoop 2.4.0

Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition 12cR1 (2.1.54)

Oracle JDeveloper 11g

Oracle SQL Developer 4.0

Oracle Data Integrator 12cR1/

Oracle R Distribution 3.0.1

It can be downloaded from here.

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Alexander Hansal tweeted Time to Learn the Languages of the Web (and Good Design) and Oracle announces Java 8

John de Voogd shared Six Challenges of Big Data

Blake Ramsey tweeted The Bold Data Project: Big Data and the Tailored Fit

Oracle Blogs posted OBIEE:Difference between High Availability and Scale Out

OTNArchBeat shared OBIEE Security Examined: WebLogic Security

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posted “Oracle SOA” online DEMO Session Scheduled on Saturday, 29 March at 8:00 AM IST.

Kent Graziano shared Live from the 1st Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium: Day 2 and  Live from the 1st Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium: Day 3

Paul Anderson posted Patch Release: Hyperion Essbase PSU

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Another Awesome OBIEE Week

paperliOBIEE News is out

Read this week’s Paper.li – Edition of 17th March

Stories from mandsconsulting.com, obibb.wordpress.com and siebel-essentials.com

Videos such as: Nurturing Innovation with Oracle Business Analytics

rssBlogs of the week

1. Purging corrupted OBIEE web catalog users

This blog by Christian Berg says, “Sometimes it can happen that user profiles within a web catalog become corrupted for any number of reasons. In order for these user profiles to be correctly re-initialized, there’s more to be done than just drop /users/JohnDoe from the web catalog.

All in all there are three distinct places which need to be cleaned:

  • /users/JohnDoe
  • /system/users/123456
  • /system/acocuntids/987654″

He then goes on to explain how to do this.

He asks us to note that this is a quick & dirty solution and he hasn’t fool-proofed it with any check like “does the folder exist” etc. so use it cautiously and at your own risk!!

2. Global Currencies in Oracle BIA

Daan Bakboord writes, “If you read the Oracle Documentation for Oracle BIA (, you could find the following; “Currency conversions are required because your business might have transactions involving multiple currencies. To create a meaningful report, you have to use a common currency.”

Oracle BIA stores amounts in the following currencies;

- Document Currency –> Currency of the actual Transaction (Can vary in a multinational organization)
- Local Currency –> Currency defined in the Ledger
- Global Currency –> Defined in the DAC

You can use a Global Currency if you want to report all the different Currencies in one Global Currency (eg. ‘EUR’, or ‘USD’). Oracle BIA for Oracle eBS is able to report in 3 different Global Currencies. If you use Oracle BIA for CRM, you are able to store an additional two Global Currencies. You define the Global Currencies in the DAC.”

Read on for further details.

3. New Features in Oracle Fusion/Cloud Applications Release 8

Alexander Hansal writes, “As announced a few days ago, Oracle has published a new release of its Fusion Applications (ERP, HCM, CRM) product line, namely Release 8.”

Alexander gives his personal list of highlights as:

  • New Skyros Theme
  • Redesigned Global Header
  • User Interface Text Editor
  • Application Composer

4. Finding Calculated View Columns

Jeff Smith says, “Imagine you have 300 or so views, and within those views, are a bunch of business rules. Like, we’re going to calculate someone’s salary as their salary + their (commission percent * sales). Now imagine your views, and their columns, aren’t documented. They’re not documented in the data model, and they’re not documented via the column comments. Now imagine someone is asking you for a full accounting of these so they CAN be documented.”

Jeff then goes on to give us a solution to this.

5. OBIEE 11g – How to Add New Fonts in Answers and Dashboards

This blog by Pravin Khadakkar is an attempt to share information he recently came across regarding adding new fonts in Answers and Dashboards.

He goes through processes for ‘Add New Font’ and ‘Add Font in Schema for Validation.’

6. Performance testing of Hive, Impala and esProc Part 2

In the previous article, they tested the grouping computing. In this article, they test their performances and compare their results in associating computing.

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John de Voogd tweeted Big Data Drives The Smart Car – InformationWeek

Cezar Baisanu posted Simple workflow implementation in APEX

Alexander Hansal shared Oracle reverses decline in hardware revenue during Q3

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Raqsoft OLAP posted Performance Comparison Testing of Hive, esProc, and Impala Part 1

Simon Berglund  shared Commonwealth Bank hopes business app will win new customers

Paul Anderson  posted Important! Discoverer Statement of Direction

Divyesh Dave PMP shared What Are The Differences Between SQL Analytical Functions rank, dense_rank and row_number?

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Better Late Than Never


This week’s OBIEE News.  Edition of 10th March

Stories from thatjeffsmith.com, obibb.wordpress.com and kentgraziano.com

Videos such as: Hackers are Reputation Thieves

and Creating a Studio chart using data from multiple views

blogBlogs of the week

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1. Important! Discoverer Statement of Direction

Product Management have released the Statement of Direction for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Tools.  This document is available to download from My Oracle Support. It contains vital information about:

  • Oracle’s Product Strategy
  • Oracle’s Support Policy
  • Oracle’s Recommendations to Customers

2. ODM: Changing the bar chart format in Explore Node

This blog by Brendan Tierney says, “In Oracle Data Miner you can use the Explore Node to gather an initial set of statistics for your dataset. As part of this you will also get a bar chart that shows the distributions of the values contained within each attribute.”

He says that the default bar chart is a little basic and he then goes through the steps in order to change the bar chart to 3D.

3. OBIEE FusionCharts Part4 – FusionCharts Configuration

Steve Yeung has previously covered in this series:

Part 1 – Installation

Part 2 – Data Integration

Part 3 – Advanced Integration

In this 4th blog of the series, he goes through setting border, fonts, background and colours.

4. OBIA 7964 – Multiple Calendar Support Configurations In Five Easy Steps

Pravin Khadakkar goes through a scenario where the customer is implementing BI Apps 7964 based on E-Business source system. The source system has been configured for two sets of business lines within a flagship company. One is retail while other one is around oil, which is very valid business scenario in modern businesses. The retail and oil business have different ledgers with different type of calendars.

He says, “this blog is an attempt to showcase the configuration which I have done to achieve multiple calendar implementations within single business analytics warehouse.”

He looks at Calendar Formats, Calendar Categories and Calendar Configuration.

5. OBIEE 11g: Creating and Developing Custom Styles, Skins & Messages (Part 1)

Andrew Fagence says, “Within OBIEE 11g, it is possible to highly customise the appearance and the ‘look and feel’. This is because the UI (User Interface) within OBIEE 11g is compiled and generated from a script which can be edited. There are 3 main components which controls the appearance of the UI which are Styles, Skins and Messages.”

He then explores the difference between the three components. He goes on to explain how to modify and deploy custom skins. In the second part of the article,he says that he will explain how to deploy and configure custom styles and messages.

6. On-Demand: Why Integrate OBIEE, Essbase, and Hyperion?

This recording from KPI Partners covers:

  • Part 1 – What is all this stuff? (OBIEE, Essbase, Hyperion)
  • Part 2 – Differences Between BI & EPM
  • Part 3 – Why Integrate BI & EPM?
  • Part 4 – Integration Success Stories
  • Part 5 – OBIEE/Essbase Integration Demo
  • Part 6 – Q&A Session

7. Does your DBA hate you? 5 Tips for writing efficient SQL queries that get you some DBA love.

This blog by SQLdepbeta  says, “I spoke with my DBA friend today who runs an Oracle data-warehouse that’s about 2 terabytes big, at an international bank. I asked him: “What are some typical problems that users, data analysts, and DB developers have, that make you want to pull your hair out?”

They say that in his friend’s experience, the vast majority of performance problems fall into the following categories:

1) Don’t call a function or use expressions on an indexed column
2) Analyze the tables you create
3) Break down your work into bite-sized SQL steps
4) Use Distinct only when needed
5) Create indexes

They conclude:

“Database Admins, developers, data analysts, and other users are all part of the same team. As with nearly every other situation in life, patience, communication, and education are often the keys to working together smoothly to achieve common goals.”

8. Oracle BIA – Making the Full / Incremental Load work

Daan Bakboord says it is possible to configure either a Full- or an Incremental Load in Oracle BIA. He says that first you start with the Informatica Mapping. He tells us exactly how to do it here.

9. Bridging the Old BI World with Big Data Analytics

This article by Alex Woodie says, “We’re in the middle of a revolution in data analytics, where old beliefs and approaches are being discarded as new technologies emerge.”

Read on…

10. Evaluating BI Tools: Compare OBIEE with Open Source reporting tools

After exploring the comparisons, this post concludes by saying, “There is no perfect tool, it’s up to the individuals, from company visionaries to architects, from engineers and project managers to make things work perfectly. But knowing the limitation of each tools, I hope it can drive future improvement of these technologies, but more importantly, help the decision makers to make the right decision from the beginning.”

11. Learn a lot about Oracle BI

Daan Bakboord encourages us to educate ourselves, network and immerse ourselves in some real problems.  He also recommends viewing the Addidici blogger database for some superb reading material.

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Bernard Marr tweeted Big Data: The One Strategy Missing In Most Companies

Cezar Baisanu shared Big Data vs. the Data Warehouse

John de Voogd posted A Brief History of Big Data, Analytics and Small Data

OraNA.info tweeted ORA-13504

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Paul Anderson shared RDA Version 8.03 Released

David Booth posted Determining data lineage: SQL scripts vs documentation

shared Download the free webinar on collaborative business intelligence

Alex Anvari asked In your organization, how do you find innovative ways to leverage your Enterprise Data?

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National Jeff Day


This week’s blog is dedicated to Jeff McQuigg, Senior Architect at KPI Partners

A little bit about Jeff:

  • He developed many of Siebel’s early Analytics v7.0 best practices & wrote part of the certification exam.
  • He has personally been involved with over 35+ OBI projects in every capacity (BI Architect, Data Modeling, RPD Metadata, Business Analyst, Report Developer, ETL Architect/Developer, Project Manager, Pre-Sales).
  • He is a BI & OBI Thought Leader:
  • Jeff frequently is an Oracle Open World Speaker.
  • He has developed OBI Deployment Methodology, deliverable templates and all Training programs with Metricsphere.

Some of his best blogs:

1. The Single Most Important Thing to Know About the OBI RPD

This blog from September 2013 states that Dimensional Hierarchies in OBIEE are used for a variety of important features. This post explores the fundamental reason for their existence and some specialized features that require their existence.  But mostly he discusses the single most important thing to know about the RPD!

2. Making Dims & Facts Work Together

Jeff says in this blog from June that this is a very common RPD modeling question on IT Toolbox. The problem is stated something like this:

“I have 2 fact tables and 3 dimension tables.  One of the dimension tables doesn’t work with Fact #2 while the other 2 dimension tables work with both facts.  When I make a report with all 3 dimensions and both facts, Fact #2 is incorrect or missing.”

He then restates the problem using ‘good BI language.’ The blog post also features slides from a recent presentation of his.

3. Bad BI Form

This blog from October 2013 was featured as one of our ‘Blogs of the Weeks‘. In this blog post, Jeff demonstrates visually how circles can not be compared easily but in a vertical bar, comparison is visually better. He says to keep this in mind when dealing with comparisons using area based visuals.


4. Hanging In The OPN Lounge With Norm Dy & Jeff McQuigg

This blog from November 2013 features the following video:

5. HR Analytics at Wells Fargo – Project that won KPI Partners the Specialized Partner of the Year Award for BI and EPM

In this September 2013 blog, Jeff announces that the project he bled and sweated over for nearly a whole year won KPI Partners the coveted Oracle Excellence Award for North American Specialized Partner of the Year in BI & EPM (formerly know as the Titan Award). He has also written a presentation that goes into further detail about the project.

He goes through the following areas of the project:

  • Enterprise BI
  • Prototype-to-Production
  • Technical Solution for making multiple hierarchies end user friendly, all folded in with advanced data security
  • Performance


6. Keep It Simple Stupid

This blog from December 2012 was another to be referred to in one of our weekly blog posts.

Jeff says, “I’ve been spending a lot of time recently working on performance tuning projects.  Sometimes the BI apps are slow, sometimes it’s custom, sometimes it’s a mix.  I’ve gotten the chance to see what works in both Oracle and SQL Server. My conclusion about both of these databases is that they are like a cat or dog that gets fooled when you play hide the ball; they aren’t very smart sometimes.  The only way you can really truly ensure database engines, even modern advanced ones, do things the right way to is to make it as simple and easy for them to understand as possible.”

He covers this in the following way:

  • Star Schema not Snowflake
  • Map straight to fields
  • Use Good Date Joins
  • Outer Joins Should Be Outta Here

Papers and Presentations

Planning for High Performance OBI

This presentation from September 2010 has the following agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Logical Data Architecture
  • Physical Data Model
  • Physical Database
  • Oracle Focused
  • Physical Database
  • Oracle Focused
  • OBI Server
  • User Interface
Another presentation from September 2010, with the following agenda:
  • Introduction
  • Business Need & Solution
  • Technical Solution
  • Project Implementation
  • Agenda
  • Status & Future Plans
  • Challenges, Lessons Learned & Best Practices
  • Wrap-Up
From June 2011, this was the agenda:
  • Introduction
  • Physical Data Model
  • Physical Database –Oracle Focused
  • OBI Server
  • User Interface

Advanced MetaData Topics

This paper is from the Rittman Mead BI Forum in Atlanta, May, 2011. The agenda is:
  • Combo Tables
  • Make Dims & Facts Reach
  • Non-Conformed Dimensions
  • Canonical Time
  • Selecting a Logical Table Source
  • Controlling Join Paths

HR Analytics at Wells Fargo Bank

This is downloadable from the above link as a pdf.  It discusses the project that won the 2013 Excellence award for KPI Partners.  It covers:
  • Business Need & Solution
  • Project Implementation
  • Status & Future Plans
  • The Solution & Key Aspects
  • Data Model and ETL Efforts
  • Challenges, Best Practices & Keys to Success

Build a Performance Layer for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g

This is described as:

“All the best work on your Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition–based system will be wasted if users are frustrated with long response times for dashboards and reports. Learn from an Oracle ACE with more than 10 years of implementation experience what contributes to poor performance and what the best solutions are to improve the end user experience and user adoption. This session discusses the creation of a performance layer to make dashboards and reports run at high speed. Samples scripts and the necessary mapping into the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Repository are also reviewed, plus architect and project manager considerations. The context is Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g, but the concepts are equally valid for custom-built solutions.”

Download the pdf from the above link.


Webinar: A Mix of Art & Science: How to Achieve High Performance Business Intelligence

Performance Tuning Oracle’s BI Applications

Contact details:

Contact Jeff via his LinkedIn profile or his blog






Super Busy in OBIEE World

Business Intelligence as we know it may be changing, and that very good news, because it means much more work.
Upgrades, installing new tech, new Fusion, New OTBI, new hardware, new ETL, new Bigger Data – All very good news for the eager to learn OBIEE consultant.

Keep Moving. Keep learning. Keep reading these blogs….

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 24th February

Stories from M & S consulting, Rittman Mead and 3sixty Analytics

Videos such as Real Time BI with Kevin & Stewart: Ep 017

blogBlogs of the week

1. Data Guard

This post says, ” Learn how Active Data Guard will make your investment in a standby environment worthwhile via real time queries while applying the archived logs, converting the physical standby database to snapshot standby, and a host of new improvements in infrastructure.”

It focuses on:

  • Easier Creation of Standby Database
  • Active Data Guard
  • Snapshot Standby
  • Conversion from Physical to Logical Standby
  • Rolling Upgrade

and other Improvements.

2. Oracle Database 11g: The Top Features for DBAs and Developers

Arup Nanda says, “In this multipart series, learn how important new features such as Database Replay, Flashback Data Archive, Edition-based Redefinition, and SecureFiles work via simple, actionable how-to’s and sample code.”

The series focuses on:

and so much more.

3. OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

In Part 1 of a 4 part series, Steve Yeung focuses on Installation. The post covers:

  • What does FusionCharts provide?
  • Installation
  • Test if it works

Continue to Part 2 here.

4. Collaborative BI ZigZag – BIWisdom Response

Christian Screen explores Collaborative BI, which he defines as ‘the means to communicate persisting knowledge and provide feedback within Business Intelligence systems in order to collectively make better business decisions.’

He apologises for the length of the post, as he didn’t have time to make it shorter! Well worth taking the time to read.

5. DateTime field conversion to a Date field in OBIEE

Arun Kumar says. “If you have a field in physical table which is of type DateTime, but you want to display it as only date in the report, then you this can be converted.” He then goes on to explore the two ways of doing this.

6. Hat Trick Tuesday – 3 new releases

Kris Rice blogs about the three new releases that took place on Tuesday 25th February.

7. Installing Oracle Database 11g XE and Unlocking the HR Sample Schema – A Tutorial with Screenshots

M & S Consulting advise, “When learning to develop Oracle Fusion applications, one of your first steps, if not already completed, should be to install a database for your applications to connect to.”

They go through Installing Oracle Database 11g XE and Unlocking the HR Schema.

They conclude by writing, “After completing this tutorial, you should now have a fully functional Oracle XE database with the example HR schema unlocked.”

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Ian Bristow shared OBIEE Version Now Released

 posted a video:

Kris Poria shared Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Helps Organizations Adopt World-Class Planning with the Simplicity of the Cloud

Steve Yeung shared OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

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Oracle Blogs tweeted SOA Community Newsletter February 2014 and Fusion Concepts: Unique ID Generation

Kenny Mayne shared Media Report | Big (Bad) Data

KPI Partners posted Improving Revenue & Satisfaction With Social Media Analytics

Rene Kuipers shared OBIEE Version Now Released

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Available for OBIEE Contracts

The last three years have been hard work. Working on a very challenging project, whilst writing the OBIEE 11g book, kept me busy to say the least.
We recently went live with a huge HR Analytics 11g implementation, which went very well and is actively used by hundreds of users on a daily basis, but it did highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the 11g version. Oracle support were kept very busy, and the one thing I learnt was to have an active patching strategy. Although ‘patch’ is a loose term when the patch is 3Gb in size.
Anyway, it’s live and so it’s time to find the next project. So, if you have a project that needs a senior OBIEE expert, please get in touch (adrian.ward@addidici.com). I have high level security clearance and can travel any distance.

And now, this weeks blogs and tweets….

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 17th February

Stories from Kent Graziano, Emerald cube and thatJeffSmith

Videos such as TDE Demo for Oracle Advanced Security (Oracle Database 12c)

rssBlogs of the week

1. Modifying the Caching Parameters for OBIEE 11g

This blog by M & S Consulting says, “The Oracle BI Presentation Services caching could be an issue with high volume and large queries.  A solution may be to limit the amount that can be cached.”

They say that one way of working around this would be to limit the caching parameters in the BI Presentation Services by modifying the instanceconfig.xml file

They then give detailed instructions of how to do this.

2. Invisible Indexes – Oracle 11g New Feature

This blog by DataWarehouse Concepts, says that before 11g, there was no option to make an index visible or invisible. We can check on an indexes visibility by checking the visibility column from the data dictionary view DBA_INDEXES.

The blog then tells us both how to create invisible indexes and also discusses why we need Invisible Indexes.

3. OBIEE Prompts – Last Year, Last Month and Custom Dates

In this post by Boris Dahav, he discusses creating specific type of prompt for periods after reading another blog post (OBIEE 11g – Advanced Prompts for Financial and Other Data such as ‘Last Year’, Last Month’ or ‘Last 6 Month’)  The first part of his blog is about fixed periods (Last Year and Last Month) and in the second part adding Custom Dates option.

4. Tips And Tricks For Installing Oracle Internet Directory

This blog by Gokhan Atil gives us 6 tips on how to do this.  Then he talks us through what to do If the configuration step fails. He says that you can find configuration logs in Oracle Inventory installation logs and posted a link to an OTN video.

5. BI Publisher 11g – Setting the Background colour on charts

Paul Cannon posts this 3 Sixty Analytics blog as he has recently been asked how to set the background of a chart in BI Publisher to a gradient colour when using the Word Template builder.  This blog goes through the whole process, step by step.

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Steve Yeung posted OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

Kris Poria shared Oracle Delivers Enterprise Financial Planning and Budgeting in the Cloud

Utsav Agarwa asked Is there a way to centrally Align the Apply and Reset Buttons in OBI

Saandeep Raghunath shared Standard Date Dimension Build

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OracleBlogs posted What is Oracle Mobile Suite? and an Introduction to Oracle Mobile Suite

IBM Big Data tweeted Big Data, Big Questions

3sixty-analytics shared BI Publisher 11g – Setting the Background colour on charts

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It’s all about Big Data this week!

paperliOBIEE News is out.  Edition of 10th February.

Stories from Emerald Cube, obiee-oracledb.blogspot and Rittman Mead

Videos such as Storage Optimization – Reducing the Cost of your Oracle Database Estate

rssBlogs of the week

See our blogger database here. Contact us if you are not yet listed.

1. Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine

This appliance is for testing and educational purposes only; it is unsupported and not to be used in production. Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine provides an integrated environment to help you get started with the Oracle Big Data platform. Download it from here.

2. How to Load Oracle Tables From Hadoop Tutorial (Part 4 – OSCH Hello World)

In this post, they walk through Alice in Wonderland’s looking glass and do a “Hello World” example for Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS.

This post was to get a toy example working with a single data file. The next post will focus on how to tune OSCH for large data sets living in HDFS and exploit Oracle Parallel query infrastructure for high performance loads.  They will also discuss the pros and cons of using OSCH versus OLH.

3. How to Load Oracle Tables From Hadoop Tutorial (Part 5 – Leveraging Parallelism in OSCH)

In the previous post, they discussed a “Hello World” example for OSCH focusing on the mechanics of getting a toy end-to-end example working. In this post, they talk about how to make it work for big data loads. The next lesson will talk about Oracle Data Pump files generated by OLH, and loaded using OSCH. It will also outline the pros and cons of using various load methods.  This will be followed up with a final tutorial lesson focusing on how to optimize OLH and OSCH for use on Oracle’s engineered systems: specifically Exadata and the BDA.

4. Sessionization with 12c SQL pattern matching is super fast

Over the past six months, Keith Laker has posted a number of articles about SQL pattern matching:

Most of these have been related to explaining the basic concepts and along with some specific use cases. In this post, he reviews some of the internal performance tests run during the development of this feature. In part 3 of the series of podcasts, he covered a number of use cases for SQL pattern matching such as: stock market analysis, tracking governance-compliance, call service quality and sessionization.

5. Oracle: Big Data for the Enterprise (A White Paper)


  • Defining Big Data
  • The Importance of Big Data
  • Building a Big Data Platform
  • Infrastructure Requirements5
  • Solution Spectrum
  • Oracle’s Big Data Solution
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors
  • Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Database Analytics

Big Data videos

Oracle Health Sciences InFocus: Big Data and Analytics – Dave Watson, VP Product Strategy Oracle Health Sciences, discusses the impact of big data and analytics in healthcare.

Big Data Episode 5 — Little Data

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn.

Paul Anderson shared Tutorial: “Integrating OBIEE with Hyperion Smart View for Office”

Aditya P posted “OBI Apps financials implenetation using PeopleSoft Grants(Budgeting, Costing, Revenue, GL Reporting) as a data source.”

Monica Hasebi posted Oracle Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) Import Scripting – Handling Source File Blank Fields/Intersections

Stewart Bryson shared Automated RPD Builds with OBIEE

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John de Voogd shared Gartner Report: Big Data will Revolutionize Cyber Security in the Next Two Years and How Big Data Analytics Will Affect Your Company Culture

Manish Bhatt posted Big Data is for everyone, not just data geeks

Oracle Analytics tweeted Big Data Gives Us More To Argue About

Yves Mulkers posted Cartoon: Predictive Health Analytics

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Soo much OBIEE and more

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 3rd February

Stories from sranka.wordpress.com, the OTech Magazine – Winter 2014 and videos such as ‘The Bold Data Project: The Big Data Doctor Is In’

blogBlogs of the week

1. Prepare Your OBIEE Emergency Plan

This post by Corporate Technologies says “having a good risk management plan in place is something many BI managers miss or delay, thinking an emergency is not likely to happen.” They advise to:

  • Compile a master list of your OBIEE-related passwords and keep them in a safe and reliable place
  • Back up your web catalog content on a regular basis
  • If an outage happens, be methodical
  • Try to clarify with your OBIEE administrator whether the outage is affecting other applications to see what kind of escalation needs to be done from a management prospective
Finally, keep these tips handy!!


2. Table in the physical query, but not in join criteria

Arun Kumar goes through the set up, issue and resolution. He says, “Very simple mistake, but very annoying to get it fixed, especially if you have several physical tables to troubleshoot.”

3. Geospatial Analytics in OBIEE – Part III – Role of Mapviewer

In part 3, Ajay Sreedharan says, “In my previous post on Geospatial Analytics in OBIEE, I had talked about shapefiles, and how shapefiles could be imported using Map Builder. As mentioned earlier, the shapefiles contain the positional/geographic information. Once we have loaded this geographic information in to the spatial database, we need a map/spatial engine to process this information for use in tools like Oracle BI. This is what Oracle Mapviewer is for.”

In his next blog, he will talk about how we could put to use all these (layers, background maps, etc.) in OBIEE and create map based visualizations.

4. APEX 5.0 (EA) Page Designer videos

Dimitri Gielis posts the APEX 5.0 Page Designer Overview and links to other detailed videos for the specific sections of the APEX 5.0 Page Designer on YouTube

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Saandeep Raghunath shared OBIEE Date Dimension Reference

Stewart Bryson posted Automated RPD Builds with OBIEE

Kris Poria shared Oracle Drives Business Performance with New In-Memory Applications for Oracle’s PeopleSoft

Doug Ross shared New Oracle BI Mobile App Designer quiz which can be found here.

asked “Hi Guys, I can not get sorting on pivot view date column in OBIEE Can anyone help me on this ?” Help him out here.

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Bernard Marr tweeted Amazon: Using Big Data Analytics to Read Your Mind

3 sixty analytics posted Life Changing Analytics

John De Vood shared Identifying Customer Needs with Big Data

KPI Partners shared Examining Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g: The Series – including Episode 1: Overview of Oracle BI Applications

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APEX 5.0 will revolutionize the developer productivity

paperliOBIEE News is out. Edition of 27th January.

Stories from mkashu.blogspot.com, artofbi.com and siebel-essentials.com.

Also videos such as David Peake: “The Page Designer of APEX 5.0 will revolutionize the developer productivity”

blogBlogs of the week.

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1. nQLogViewer in OBIEE

Kashinathan says, “We can use the log viewer utility nQLogViewer to view the query log. Each entry in the query log is tagged with the user ID, session ID and request ID.The User ID will have the details of the user who issued the query, the session ID will have the details of the session in which the query was initiated, and the request ID will have the individual query.” Read the full blog post for instructions.

2. OBIEE 11g – Advanced Row level security

This blog from ClearPeaks discusses the Organization details and then breaks down the Technical Solution to:

  1. Database table
  2. Session Initialization blocks
  3. Data filtering

They conclude by saying:

- Make sure that you don’t have other data security filters defined for the same objects in lower application roles since they can get disabled, i.e. in BI Consumer.

- The session manager is the best place where you can check the session variable values and detect possible bugs in your initialization blocks.

3. OBIEE – Improve Performance of Hadoop Queries

Pravin Khadakkar explores the tools to Improve Performance of Hive Queries. He says, “I believe for Hive Queries Exalytics might be a better option.” He shows us the following example from the Oracle published document:


4. Case study: Emailing OBIEE dashboards with ad-hoc agent that dynamically passes dashboard prompt values based on user request – Part 3

In Part 3 of a series of blog posts, after going through the case study, Bojie He says, “There are two main pieces of the puzzles according to me:

1. Users will probably document their request in the form of spreadsheet and upload it somewhere.

2. Manually creating of all these user_1s in OBIEE will be a nightmare.

Having said all that, I think I have come to as far as I can come with this solution. It’s not a perfect solution, in fact, it may be a terrible solution in someone’s eyes, but it does work to some extent. Maybe Oracle has plans for this type of requirements in their future products.”

Read the full blog post here.

5. Virtual Column in Oracle 11g

Kashinathan discusses how ‘Virtual Column’ is one of the new features introduced in Oracle 11g. He explores two examples of how to create a virtual column in a table. Kashinathan gives us some important Points on Virtual Columns:

  • All columns in the virtual column, should belong to the same table on which we are creating the virtual column
  • We cannot do any update or DML’s on Virtual column.
  • Virtual column expression can’t reference any other virtual column.
  • Indexes and constraints can be created on virtual columns; also they can be used as partition key
  • Virtual columns reduce the use of views and derived columns

Read his full blog post here


6. Open Source Big Data Technologies

This blog by Sunil S Ranka focuses on the mashup picture below:


linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Paul Anderson shared OBIEE “Best Practices Guide for Infrastructure Tuning” whitepaper.

Kashinathan K posted Virtual Column in Oracle 11g

Daisy Ding asked What do you think of Columnar Storage?

Kent Graziano asked us to join him at one of his talks  – Better Data Modeling: The Oracle Data Warrior Speaks!

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David Allan tweeted Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine

KPI Partners posted What’s New In Financial Analytics – Employee Expenses? [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series] from their archives

OracleBlogs shared OBIEE Tuning Guide Whitepaper – update available and OBIEE bundle patch for Linux 64-bit – Update

Jeff Smith tweeted How to Open the Data Modeler in Oracle SQL Developer

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Even For OBIEE, its all about the database

paperliOBIEE News is out.  Edition of 20th January.

Stories from Jeff Smith, Sunil S. Ranka’s Weblog and M&S Consulting

Videos such as ‘Oracle Business Intelligence Spotlight at Gallup’

blogBlogs of the week

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1. How-To: File hunt for OBIEE GUI changes

Christian Berg blogs about How to change a part of the GUI of OBIEE? He says “I’m doing these changes quick and dirty to make them instantly visible. The proper way is to create and deploy your own style + skin package within which you do those changes.”

Read in further detail here.

2. Using Oracle Data Pump in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Benjamin Perez-Goytia says, ” This article presents a modified version of the ODI load knowledge module called LKM Oracle to Oracle (datapump) The ODI load knowledge module (LKM) presented in this article has been enhanced with additional options and steps to take advantage of the best features of Oracle Data Pump and Oracle External Tables.  Some of the enhancements include data compression, server to server file transport, threads control, and the use of Oracle Optimizer Hints.  This article shows how to configure and use this knowledge module.”

He then goes through:

  • Using Oracle Data Pump in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Overview: LKM Oracle to Oracle Datapump Plus
  • Load Knowledge Module (LKM) Options
  • Configuring your Environment to Work with Oracle Data Pump - There are 3 areas where configuration is required:   the source data server, the target data server, and the ODI studio.
  • Configuring Your Database Link for File-Transfer Operations
  • How does LKM Oracle to Oracle Datapump Plus work? – There are 5 main steps.
  • Understanding the Code Generated by the Knowledge Module

3. How to Add RAC Databases to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Gokhan Atil posts here how to add RAC (Clustered Databases) to Enterprise Manager 12c. He says, “Finally I found time to get screenshots and prepare a step-by-step guide!”

4. Better Data Modeling: Color Code Your Data Model Diagrams using #SQLDevModeler

Kent Graziano says, “One of the standards I recommend in my book ‘Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews’ is to use colour in your diagrams to visually differentiate types of entities or tables. As luck would have it, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler has a feature that makes this very easy. It is Classification Types.” His bonus tip is: If, like me, you want to be consistent across all your designs with the types and colors, I just figured out I can hack the dl_settings.xml file to copy my classification type customizations from one design to another. Just be sure to exit and then restart SDDM after you update the file for it to take effect.

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 David King posted 6 Desktop BI Tools

Ian Bristow shared OBIEE Bundle Patch is not Currently Available for Linux 64-bit

Mark Willems shared ‘What is Cloud Computing?

Ujjal Das posted a link entitled ‘Free Cloud Guide: Economics of Cloud Financial Software.’

Saandeep Raghunath posted Change Default Behavior when editing a report

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Oracle Middleware shared In the News: Verizon and Oracle Partner for Better Cloud Access with Fusion Middleware

Perficient & Oracle posted Getting Started With BI In Fusion Applications

Chris Rofidal tweeted The Big Data Doctor is In!

Fusion Applications tweeted SOA Corner: Oracle Introduces Cloud Adapter to Simplify Salesforce.com Integration

Stijn Gabriels shared Successful BI Apps Implementation Part 1: Introduction and the Project Life Cycle

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Yet more Patches for OBIEE

The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is now available, fixing a huge list of bugs. There are plenty more bugs in the product so expect many more patches to come.

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 13th January!

Blogs from Siebel Essentials, and John Goodwin.

Videos from Oracle Analytics such as “The Bold Data Project: Big Data Fact Or Fantasy”

blogBlogs of the week

See our blogger database here.

1. OBIEE Version Now Released

The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is now available to download via My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates. Follow the links for the single bundle patch (Patch 17886497) and the Dynamic Monitoring Service patch (Patch 16569379).  Also available – Document entitled “OBIEE 11g Bundle Patch is Available for OBIEE and Exalytics” ([Doc ID 1614076.1])

2. Oracle BI Mobile HD Now Available

Features include:

  • Using Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile, you can view, analyze and act on all your analyses, dashboards, scorecards, reports, alerts and notifications on the go.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile allows you to drill down reports, apply prompts to filter your data, view interactive formats on geo-spatial visualizations, view and interact with Dashboards, KPIs and Scorecards.
  • You can save your analyses and Dashboards for offline viewing, and refresh them when online again; thus providing always-available access to the data you need.
  • This app is compatible with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, version and above.

3. OBIEE 11g User Interface (UI) Performance Is Extremely Slow With Internet Explorer 8

Debashis Paul blogs about struggling with OBIEE 11g ( and IE 8 . He then goes on to find the solution behind ‘HTTP 304 errors’.

4. One of Bill Gates’ favorite graphs redesigned

Bryan Pierce of Perceptual Edge writes a piece regarding a graph selected by Bill Gates to be included in a recent edition of Wired Magazine that he guest edited. He explained why he included the graph as follows:”I love this graph because it shows that while the number of people dying from communicable diseases is still far too high, those numbers continue to come down. In fact, fewer kids are dying, more kids are going to school and more diseases are on their way to being eliminated. But there remains much to do to cut down the deaths in that yellow block even more dramatically. We have the solutions. But we need to keep up the support where they’re being deployed, and pressure to get them into places where they’re desperately needed.”

But how well does the graph tell this story? Read this post for his analysis.

5. Case study: How to implement object level security and data level security in OBIEE 11g – Part 1

Bojie He says, “Recently my team has implemented data level security and object level security in OBIEE 11G for a client who is selling their data to external customers. The requirement is very quintessential of any BI Project and the implementation process is trivial. Therefore, I have decided to detail the process, which I think can be very beneficial to any future security implementation.”

6. 2 Challenges of Converting Legacy Reporting Into OBIEE

This post by Andriy Yakushyn names the 2 Challenges of Converting Legacy Reporting Into OBIEE as Functionality and User Interface..

This post by Pravin Khadakkar answers the Customer Question “The customer would like to make drop down list box default to latest data value available in the list. There is a hidden request which points towards the transactional data availability rather than dimensional values. For e.g. there is a global filter list box defined on Date column, by default the list should shown all date values available irrespective of transactional data is available or not. So there are two different requests we are talking here, the first one to restrict list of dimensional attribute based on transactional data available and then take the latest at default.”

This blog is an attempt to show how this customer request can be fulfilled by using SQL’s within global filter definition.  It is made more interesting when subject area has more than one logical fact.

Ajay Sreedharan firstly goes through the 8 steps in the shapefile import process. Then we can go to the database and query the spatial table. In his next post, he will be discussing Oracle Map Viewer and how Oracle BI is finally plugged in to the equation.

9. Top 10 OBIEE Upgrade Strategies and considerations

Arun Kumar lists the top OBIEE upgrade strategies and consideration, not necessarily in any specific order, as the order of significance would depend upon individual implementation scenarios. He then goes on to say, “In addition to the above considerations, while upgrading, you might want to take advantage of new features of the target version, for example mobile platform support in 11g, like iPads i.e. iOS mobile devices. Android fans no need to be broken hearted yet, as OBIEE has plans for android support in its pipeline.”

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

 Ujjal Das shared a link to a free magazine.  Subscribe for free by following the instructions on the link.

Boris Dahav posted OBIEE BUNDLE PATCH AKA is available

Kashinathan K shared Hierarchical Retrieval In ORACLE or Hierarchical Queries

Paul Anderson posted HowTo Videos: Using Smart View to access data in OBIEE.  This links to the YouTube channel Oracle BI TechDemo – OBIEE Samples which has a series of “How to” videos showing how to use Oracle Smart View to access data in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and display it in MS Office (Excel, Power Point). The examples are built using the Sample App v309.

Smart View with OBIEE – Managing Connections:

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3sixty-analytics shared Navigate the Internet of Things

icCube tweeted Real-Time Business Intelligence

OracleBlogs posted OBIA: Upgrading to Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2

Daan Bakboord tweeted the HowTo Videos: Using Smart View to access data in OBIEE link.

Stephane Champion posted Performing Text Analytics in OBIEE using Oracle Database features

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Multiple OBIEE 11 on the same server.

Whilst Addidici are not allowed to talk about their current (Military) installation activity, I do like to share what I have been reading each week.
A few years back I installed 10 OBIEE 10g environments on a box (10 env on 8 boxes actually), which was very simple to do. With 11g the challenge was greater, but it still can be done. No need for multiple VM’s.
paperliOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE news is out.  Edition of 6th January.  Blogs from John Goodwin, Oracle BI By Bakboord and Corporate Technologies.


blogBlogs of the week

1. Creating ReForms in Oracle APEX

In Vishal’s blog, he defines a ReForm as “an amalgum of Reports and Forms that has the DNA of both.” The discussion in this blog not only presents a ReForm but also demonstrates the enormous benefits of using JQuery in APEX report development. In this post, he discusses the process needed to create a ReForm (Report cum Tabular Form) and also see the process of controlling the data cells for superior reporting.

2. OBIEE 11g Configuration for Interaction for Views

Pravin says in this blog post: “OBIEE 11g offers number options on the way that right-click interactions are handled in views. To configure various options that change the way that right-click interactions are handled in views for an analysis at runtime. The elements in the instanceconfig.xml file specify the default settings for a new or upgraded analysis. One can edit the properties of an analysis in Presentation Services to modify how the analysis handles right-click interactions in views.” Read the whole blog for more details.

3. How-to: Upgrade Usage Tracking OBIEE 10g to OBIEE 11.1.1.x

John Cook discusses the five steps to upgrade usage tracking OBIEE 10g to OBIEE 11.1.1.x as:

1. Make changes to existing OBIEE 10g Usage Tracking RPD

2. Modify Physical Data Model

3. Enable Usage Tracking in Enterprise Manager

4. Deploy Usage Tracking Tables to Your 11g Database

5. Confirm Usage Tracking is Enabled

Read the post and comments here.

4. Creating a Run Button on a Dashboard in OBIEE 11g

Here, M & S Consulting talk us through the steps to create a run button on the dashboard. In the first part of the exercise, they talk about setting up the analysis and in the second part, set up the prompt for it.

5. Speed Mobile

In this post, Mark Rittman writes about: “Creating an Initial Business Intelligence Mobile App” and “Publishing Your App to the Mobile App Store.” He also links to useful documentation including User’s Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile App Designer 11g Release 1 (11.1.1), also watch videos on how to create a mobile BI app and use key designer features, explore tutorials, review collateral, and interact with social media.

6. Fusion Middleware – OPMN.xml configuration file

OPMN.xml is the main configuration file for OPMN that is used to launch each system component (such as Oracle Business Intelligence).  This post details the various sections and gives an example.

7.OBIEE 11G – staticports.ini

This file is used during the installation of OBIEE 11g to define the ports. This post shows a sample of one.

8. Default OBIEE 11G Ports

Here Sunil says: “Recently came across a situation in which someone, due to some security issue, wanted to bypass OBIEE’s default ports. After looking at multiple places, I could put all information together. I thought it would be a great share.” View the post here.

9. Change Server Port in OBIEE 11g

This ClearPeaks White Paper comprises of the following sections:

  • Stop the WebLogic Managed Server
  • Change the port number
  • Start the WebLogic Managed Server
  • Test that everything is running properly

10. The following Oracle documents are also useful:

11. Oracle BI EE 11g – Managing Host Name Changes

This post by Venkatakrishnan J states that the components at a high level in 11g, which require changes whenever the host name changes are:

1. Admin Server
2. Managed Server
3. Node Manager
4. RCU Schemas Connections
5. System Components
6. Hardcoded Host name entries in Repository, JDBC Connections etc
7. RCU Database Listener

This blog post gives instructions and visuals as to how to carry this out.

12. Error flushing write connection to OPMN

This blog post by “Not just a DBA !!!” talks through the problem – for some reason opmn ports were conflicting for the two domains – and then gives the solution!!

13. Performance and OBIEE – part VII – Optimising OBIEE performance (“Tuning”)

Robin Moffat covers:

  • Anti-patterns in performance optimisation
  • Generally good design principles to observe in OBIEE
  • Optimising OBIEE further
  • BI Server Caching
  • Use fast disk for cache and/or temporary files
  • Web Tier for static content caching
  • Scale out / Scale up
  • Optimising the database
  • Oracle’s tuning document (which can be found here)

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kent Graziano posted Oracle Data Warrior: 2013 in Review

Saandeep Raghunath shared Just Analytics blog post “Geospatial Analytics in OBIEE – Part I – The Basics

David Nhan posted Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) Overview and Demonstration

Anand Ekbote posted OBIEE Smartview Integration

Monica Hasebi shared Top Trends in Oracle Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Management

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twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Blogs posted Fusion Middleware Forms & Reports 11gR2 Patchset 2 ( and OBIEE 11.1.1: Load Testing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Using Oracle Load Testing (OLT) 12.x and a link to ADF Architecture TV in 2014 with 2 bonus episodes, 47 and 48.

Christian Screen tweeted a link to Your OBIEE Commentary and Collaboration Issues are a Thing of the Past…

Andrejus Baranovskis posted ADF Dynamic ADF BC – Loading Multiple Instances (Nr. 100 in 2013)

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News of the week plus some of the best bits of 2013

paperliOBIEE News is out!

Read the last edition of 2013!

Featuring posts and blogs from KPI Partners, Siebel Essentials and Art of BI

Also videos such as:

blogBlogs of the Week

1. Advanced Filtering in OBIEE 11g

This post is an extension of M and S Consulting’s last blog post about filters and selection steps. In this one, they focus their attention on writing logical SQL statements to help write more flexible ways to limit data writing case statements.

2. Data computing and integration, database parallel processing, alternative to R and Hadoop

This post focuses on:

- external memory computation

- data exchange

- memory sharing

- memory computation

3. Oracle SQL Developer: Potpourri and Random Thoughts

In this post, Jeff Smith answers the Million dollar question “When are you going to start charging for SQL Developer?” and looks back a little on 2013.

4. Types of Cloud Computing

The types of Cloud Computing are explored in more detail by Datawarehouse concepts.

  1. Hybrid Cloud Computing Deployment Model
  2. Community Cloud Computing Deployment Model
  3. Private Cloud Computing Deployment Model
  4. Public Cloud Computing Deployment Model

5.  OBIEE – Local minima and maxima in graph

Local minima and maxima (extrema) in graphs emphasis the points where the graphs change the trend. This post explores how to acieve it in OBIEE.

6. Is Data Quality The Biggest Threat To Obamacare?

“With the political problems hovering around the launch of The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) now seemingly left behind, the biggest threat to the Affordable Care Act is now a technical one.” This post by KPI Partners explores this in more detail.

7. Cost-Effective Business Intelligence for Mid-Market Companies

Another post by KPI Partners where Jeremiah Johnson says “Business intelligence (BI) provides great insight into how a business is being run, as well as which aspects of the business are succeeding and which are failing.  A properly implemented BI system can provide a comprehensive breakdown of sales, and allows managers to react to an ever-shifting market.  However, smaller and mid-sized businesses tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to business intelligence, as most of the hardware and software for effective business intelligence was too expensive for smaller organizations.”

Read the full blog post for more.

8. Adventures in OBIEE Upgrade Land: Quirks and Workarounds — Episode I

This is Blog 1 in a series of 3, where Jeremy Harris jots down any lessons learnt during upgrading!

See our blogger database here.

rssSome of the best blog posts of 2013 (in no particular order!)

1. How to Add Comments in Oracle BI (OBIEE) by The Art of Business Intelligence

“By adding comments in OBIEE users are able to provide their feedback on the decision making system of the enterprise.  Commenting on a dashboard or annotating a cell with feedback or other descriptive details can provide a great way to corroborate information or provide persisting perspectives. This commentary can then be viewed by other users who have access to the BI system.  Ultimately the goal of adding commentary in OBIEE is to have a system for persisting feedback, creating a call to action, and recognizing the BI System’s most prolific users. This is the basic concept of collective intelligence in Business Intelligence referred to as Collaborative BI.”

This post comprises of:

- Custom Build a Solution for Adding Comments in OBIEE

- What to know and What to ask for in a custom commenting solution

- Oracle APEX as a Solution for Adding Comments in OBIEE

- OBIEE Action Framework as a Solution for Adding Comments in OBIEE

- OBIEE BITeamwork Collaborative BI Solution for Adding Comments in OBIEE

2. My 3 Favorite Features of OBIEE

This blog by Corporate Technologies states that Waterfall Graphs, Table Scrollbars and Recommended Visualisation Views are their favourite three features of OBIEE!

3. Custom style and skin in OBIEE

Christian Berg tells us how to apply a custom detail in this step by step blog.

4. OBIEE Creating a Performance Tile View

In Ravi’s Business Intelligence Blog, he goes through the steps to take in order to create a performance tile view: He provides detailed instructions and screenshots of the steps.

5. Insert an Image in the Narrative View

In this short, yet informative post, Sandeep details step by step how to add images in the narrative view. See the steps plus screenshots here.

6. Steps to Apply OBIEE 11G Patch (Simplyfied)

Another blog from Sandeep, where he tells us how to simply apply the OBIEE 11g patch.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

7. Action Links in OBIEE 11g

In this blog by ‘All about DataWarehousing and Business Intelligence’, Kashif explores dashboard and columns in analysis methods. He goes through:

1. Dashboard Action Link

2. Analysis Action Link

3. Types of Actions

4. Navigate Action

5. Invoke Action Type

6. Steps to Implement Action Links on Dashboard and

7. Action Links in Analysis

Read his blog post here.

8. Top 10 Costly Mistakes for Business Intelligence / OBIEE Implementation Projects

In Oracle Business Intelligence 911, The Top 10 Costly Mistakes for Business Intelligence / OBIEE Implementation Projects are listed as:

1. Not setting the expectations right with users and senior management.

2. Going for BI Apps and assuming all out of the box reports will be ready and used by business.

3. Not spending enough time on designing repository to enable intuitive ad-hoc reporting.

4. Lack of user involvement during development project.

5. Not testing subject areas for Ad-hoc reporting.

6. Not having BI standards for requirement gathering, development, testing and migrations.

7. Hiring a great data modeller experienced with relational source systems, and letting him lead dimensional model design.

8. Using relational models instead of dimensional model.

9. Not having application level backups or other faster ways for disaster recovery.

10. Having developers or power users write access to non ad-hoc reports in Test, or Production environment.

(He then adds an 11th – Having multiple installations of software within the same organization) Read the full blog for more details.

OpenWorldOracle OpenWorld 2013

Watch the videos, for example, Mark Hurd “Transforming Businesses with Big Data and Analytics” and download session pdfs

Read about the highlights from Server and Cloud Blog, Arik Hesseldahl, Danny Bryant and Oracle Fusion Middleware

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-oracle-usa-team-action-america-s-cup-world-series-naples-italy-image30492048Oracle Team USA – Winners of the 34th cup!

Named as one of the biggest Sporting Comebacks of 2013!!

ORACLE TEAM USA stages massive comeback to win 34th America’s Cup

Champagne spray and hugs all around as ORACLE TEAM USA celebrated victory in the 34th America’s Cup.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

We run a group on LinkedIn for Oracle Business Intelligence consultants, from large consultancies to independents. It is aimed at users and developers of OBI, including Siebel Analytics.  Over 7,000 members so far (and growing!), each one vetted to ensure they have a genuine interest in OBI.  Sorry no agencies and no general networkers.
The group is used for sharing information on Oracle BI, including events, news and social gatherings.

This week’s highlights:

Rob Burton shared If You Want Innovation, You Have to Invest in People

Ujjal Das posted a link to Free White Paper: Enterprise Backup and Recovery Methodologies for Oracle

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Andrejus Baranovskis tweeted ADF Dynamic ADF BC – Surviving Passivation/Activation Events

Abhinav Agarwal shared Spark and Shark: High-speed In-memory Analytics over Hadoop Data

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Real Time Understanding OBIEE Deployments and Scheduling

paperliOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out.  Edition of 9th December

Featuring blogs from KPI Partners, The Art of Business Intelligence and Siebel Essentials.

blogBlogs of the week

1. Scripted RPD deployments using UDML and WLST

In Ben Mackin’s blog, ‘Adventures in OBIEE’, it states that “with OBIEE 11g, RPD deployments are now handled through Weblogic, so we need to take some additional steps. Luckily these can be easily scripted thanks to WLST.”

He then goes through the steps.  Read the whole blog for more details.

2. Oracle SQL Developer v4 is Live & Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Today!

Jeff Smith goes through the 10 reasons why we should upgrade.  These are:

1. Get a leg up on the competition

2. Lots and lots of dead bugs

3. Better connection management

4. Java 7

5. Finding stuff in the database is easier

6. New Command line interface

7. Reports are brand new

8. GIT

9. New Framework and updated look and feel

10. Version 3.2 is more than a year old.

Read in more detail here.

3. OBIEE 11g Selection Steps and Filters: Their Differences and How to Use the Two

This blog by M & S Consulting, explores the OBIEE 11g Selection steps and filters and how to use the two of them. Read the full blog for detailed instructions.

4. Scheduling OBIEE Reports with CRON

In this post by Shwetank Sheel, he says “I recently got a request from a colleague to help them with scheduling some reports for delivery, with the destination being a unix machine folder. I am aware that iBots can call a Java Program to write to a disk, and that BI Publisher’s scheduling engine can directly write to the disk, but I did not want to delve into any large lines of code nor even use the OBIEE scheduling. I wanted to see how I can make it a purely pull job from the unix machine side. To this end, I wrote a shell script to accomplish this.”

See the blog for this script.

5. Basic Understanding of OBIEE Report vs BI Publisher report.

In this blog, Bojie says that BI Publisher was originally a different application, which is now part of OBIEE. The best way to put it is, BI Publisher is another technology that has been integrated with OBIEE, so now the two are both parts of Oracle Business Intelligence. He then goes on to explain the difference between the two of them.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria posted Oracle Sponsors OpenStack Foundation; Offers Customers Ability to Use OpenStack to Manage Oracle Cloud Products and Services

Kashinathan K shared How to do Sorting in UNIX???

Kent Graziano posted Tech Tip: Connect to SQL Server Using Oracle SQL Developer (updated)

Arun Sadagopan shared Installing OBIEE services as Windows services

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twitterThis week on Twitter

Robin Moffat shared Getting Started with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery v3.1, Part 1: General Introduction

Oracle Analytics tweeted Big Data Episode 3: Acquiring Big Data


Oracle Blogs shared OBIEE Web services with javascript

Jeff Smith tweeted Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 Enhances Support for Oracle Database 12c

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youtubeYouTube Uploads

Agents, Passwords and the Oracle Data Warrior

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out.  Edition of 2nd December.

rssBlogs and News of the Week

1. Configuring Agents with OBIA and EBS Cookie Integration

This blog contains an explanation of what Ben Mackin did to get Agents up and running when using EBS and OBIEE in a setup with EBS Cookie Authentication.

2. Configure Change Password for Users in OBIEE 11g

This blog links to another article ‘Configure Change Password for Weblogic users in OBIEE 11g’ for guidance with this issue.

3. Oracle: Big Data at Work: Analytics to Run and Change the Business

Paul Sonderegger (Big Data Specialist) presents ‘Big Data at Work’.

4. UL and the Big Data Challenge

5. Customer Videos: Real-World Successes with Oracle Business Analytics Solutions

At Oracle OpenWorld 2013, a host of customers went on camera to discuss Oracle Business Analytics solutions and how they are using them to strategize and plan, optimize business operations, and capture new market opportunities. This page summarises five of the best and links to the YouTube channel which lists the rest.

6. New Release of Oracle Big Data Appliance Delivers 33 Percent More Storage per Rack

In November 2013, Oracle launched Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2, which delivers the entire Cloudera Enterprise technology stack and 33 percent more storage capacity for a total of 864 terabytes per rack—plus comprehensive security capabilities including authentication, authorization, and auditing.

Oracle Big Data Appliance X4-2 is a comprehensive and secure engineered system optimized to run Cloudera’s entire platform for big data, Cloudera Enterprise, at a low overall total cost of ownership. To meet diverse computing requirements, it includes:

  • Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop
  • Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Cloudera Impala
  • Cloudera Search

Read more here

7. The Business of Growing

Marta Bright, in this feature article, “Land O’Lakes invests in Oracle engineered systems to plant the seeds of change,”looks at Land O’Lakes as a case study.

8. Security and the Mobile Workforce

Now that many organisations are moving to the BYOD philosophy (bring your own devices), security for phones and tablets accessing company sensitive information is of paramount importance. In this article, he interviews Brian MacDonald, Principal Product Manager for Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Mobile Products, about this subject, and he shares some wonderful insights about how the Oracle Mobile Security Tool Kit is addressing mobile security.

Tlinkedin logohis week on LinkedIn

Santhosh Reddy posted ‘deployment tab missing.’ Help him out with his query in the group.

Kent Graziano posted Better Data Modeling: The best FREE data modeling tool just got better!

Ujjal Das shared Free White Paper: Private Clouds for Oracle Databases

Saandeep Raghunath shared Prevent the FETCH FIRST XXX ROWS ONLY from Applying

Stephen Bowden shared his latest webinar on Data Visualization Techniques and the latest capabilities of OBIEE

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twitter logoThis week on Twitter

KPI Partners tweeted What’s New In Oracle Manufacturing Analytics? [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series]

Paul Mitchell shared Why Oracle Purchased BitzerMobile and The Impact to Fusion Middleware

Search Oracle posted Oracle and big data architecture: Floyd Teter weighs in

Oracle Analytics shared Endeca Information Discovery 3.1 Expands Self-Service for Business Users

Rory Capon shared a video entitled “Installing OBIEE 11 G on Windows 8 – 64 Bit”

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OBIEE 11g End of Movember Blogs and News

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out.  Edition of 25th November

rssBlogs of the week

1. Direct Links to various OBIEE User and Administration Presentation functions

This post by Praveen Reddy lists some direct links to various OBIEE User and Administration functions.  These can be useful to know for efficiency and at times can also be useful for debugging security.

2. How to conditionally set Interaction (Action Links) on a column in OBIEE 11g

This post by Norm Bowen shows an example of how to conditionally set Interaction (Action Links) on a column.

3. OBI 11g Installation Questions

This post by Everything Oracle covers questions such as;

- Will OBIEE 11g work on Windows XP?

- Can I run OBI 11g with IE 6?

-  I’ve installed a loopback adaptor and modified the hosts file according to the installation instructions but I can’t login to Answers?

- I am trying to install OBI 11g and I can’t get beyond the Admin screen?

Read the whole set of Installation questions here.

4. Big Data Appliance X4-2 Release Announcement

This post by Jean-Pierre Dijcks covers Software Focus, Hardware Update and Software Details about the 3rd generation Big Data Appliance.

The focus for this release is:

  • Comprehensive and Open – Big Data Appliance now includes all Cloudera Software, including Back-up and Disaster Recovery (BDR), Search, Impala, Navigator as well as the previously included components (like CDH, HBase and Cloudera Manager) and Oracle NoSQL Database (CE or EE).
  • Lower TCO then DIY Hadoop Systems
  • Simplified Operations while providing an open platform for the organization
  • Comprehensive security including the new Audit Vault and Database Firewall software, Apache Sentry and Kerberos configured out-of-the-box

5. Setting Up and Running Summary Advisor on an Exalytics Machine (Oracle-by-Example)

This post says “If you are running Oracle BI on an Exalytics machine, you can use Summary Advisor to identify the aggregates that will increase query performance.” The post links to the Oracle Learning Library where a tutorial will explain further.

6. OBIEE 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial

This blog by Wilson Intelligent Solutions reviews Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial. They say, “569 pages of real world, practical examples across the OBI product suite. They include loads of real world scenarios, tips and tricks to encourage best practices in the enterprise.”

7. Performance Testing/Tuning OBIEE

In this post, Paul McGarrick shares some of the interesting reads he has come across.  This includes a post from Jeff McQuigg, a presentation from Peak Indicators and an Oracle White Paper.on My Oracle Support

8. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio – The Metrics Bar Component

In this article, Andrew Fagence explains how to create and configure a Metrics bar within the Oracle Endeca Studio application, the software he is using in this walkthrough consists of:

  • Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 2.4.0 (Installed on his local machine running Windows 7 64-bit, typical install with standard configuration and ‘Quick Start’ package installed).
  • Mozilla Firefox (The official supported browsers are Internet Explorer 7/8 and Firefox 3.5+. Google Chrome and Opera Safari are not supported but you will probably find they work fine).

View the post here.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Ujjal Das shared a Free White Paper: Private Clouds for Oracle Databases

Kashinathan K posted a link to Zookeeper (Apache Hadoop project) from the Datawarehouse concepts blog

Monica Hasebi shared a link to Webinar Recording on Streaming Analytics

Stephen Bowden posted Data Visualization Webinar Recording

Join in the Oracle Business Intelligence discussions here.

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Fusion Applications tweeted a link to Achieving Procurement Excellence through Oracle Fusion




Oracle Blogs posted New ADF Mobile Application User Interface Design Guidelines

Chris C Muir shared ADF Debugging Aid: The ADF Request Analyzer

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OBIEE 11g, Hadoop and facebook in the News

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 18th November

rssBlogs and interesting articles of the Week

1. Presto: Interacting with petabytes of data at Facebook

In this post, Martin Traverso discusses Background, Architecture, RoadMap, OpenSource and Current Status in Presto: Interacting with petabytes of data at Facebook (A note by Facebook Engineering).

2. In-memory Computing Architecture with Hadoop

In this 2 part post, they first list down 15 IMC companies and their Hadoop connection tactics.

In the second part of the post, they look at another set of 15 IMC offering companies.

3. Creating a Multi-Node Hadoop/Impala Cluster as a Datasource for OBIEE

In this blog post by Mark Rittman, he states to set up our own Hadoop cluster, there are a few options:

1. Get hold of a bunch of physical servers (maybe, old PCs or blade servers), install Linux and Hadoop on them, and then do the configuration and setup manually.
2. Buy a preconfigured solution – Oracle’s Big Data Appliance, for example, which has all the software pre-installed along with connectivity to ODI, Oracle Database etc
3. Spin-up a bunch of servers in the Cloud, or
4. Spin-up a bunch of Linux VMs, for example using VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion/Workstation

He explores this further in the post which can be read here.

4. Why ODI, DW and OBIEE Developers Should Be Interested in Hadoop

In another post by Mark Rittman, he claims the reason we should be interested in Hadoop is because “Hadoop is the classic disruptive technology – cheap, and starting-off with far less functionality than regular, relational databases – but it’s improving fast, and as BI&DW developers it offers the potential of both massive benefits – significantly lower TCO for basic DW work, and support for lots of modern, internet-scale use-cases – and threats – in that if we don’t understand it and see how it can benefit our customers and end-users, we risk being left-behind as technology moves on.”

Read the thought-provoking article here.

5. Apache Hive & Hive Query Language

This post from DataWarehouse Concepts explores Apache Hive and Hive QL

6. Install and Configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) with OBIEE 11g

In this blog, Tarik Bouaziz discusses circumstances that require installing OHS with OBIEE such as:

1- OBIEE Performance Tuning

2- When deploying OBIEE 11g content outside an organization (firewall): this requires placing Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) into the DMZ side firewall (opening port 7777 for non SSL, port 4443 for SSL) and then redirecting calls to OBIEE installed inside the firewall/LAN using a secured port such as 9704

3- OBIEE URL Rewriting (configuring OBIEE 11g to use port 80): A detailed document will be posted in the near future on this topic.

This blog highlights the steps to install and configure OHS with OBIEE11g.

7. How to secure an Enterprise OBIEE 11g environment: the Oracle HTTP Server

This blog post discusses security issues surrounding the new player – Mobile BI – and how to address this, the conclusion being, “Mobile BI will significantly expand the population of BI users and the decision makers from your company will want to use mobile devices to access corporate BI data from any place. Now you need to ensure that the current BI environment supports these demands without forgetting terms such as performance and security, an Oracle HTTP Server Web Tier installed within the DMZ firewall will help you to achieve the best results.”

8. A Deep Dive Into OBIEE 11g Security

This pdf document by Ramke Ramakrishnan covers:

1. Introduction

2. OBIEE Security Controls

3. Authentication

4. Authorization

5. Content Security

6. User GUIDs

7. Multiple Authentication Providers

8. Row Level Security

9. Security Store Migration

10. Single Sign-On

9. OBIEE 11g Upgrade – Lessons Learned – Expect the Unexpected

This pdf document by Robert Rolek details lessons learnt in:

  • Project Management
  • Security
  • Code Conversion
  • Bugs
  • Mobile Support
  • Non OBIEE Technical Issues

10. How to find Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) ip Address on Exalytics

Sunil S Ranka says, “Recently while upgrading the Exalytics box from PS1 to PS3 for OBIEE patch-set, one of the requirements was to upgrade firmware and to complete the firmware we needed ILOM address. During the upgrade, the team found out the default ILOM IP was not working and there was a change in the ILOM ip address. To confirm the ip address, we used below command, thanks to Oracle Support to prompt reply . Thought would be a good piece of information as most of the existing Exalytics customers are going through the upgrade.”

11. Customizing Heap Size in a Weblogic domain

This blog explores two scenarios when we require to modify the heap size according to our applications’s needs eg java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Read this helpful post here.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Rajneesh Kumar posted a link to “An Introduction to Goldengate”

Ujjal Das shared IT Strategy Guide: Journey to the Cloud

Sandeep Venu posted a link to Get User Session Details in OBIEE 11G

Aravind Sai Ram posted,  “Hello Friends, I am looking for a solution to perform Load Test on OBIEE Dashboards / Reports (Version 10) using any script or free load test tools / applications .
Scenario is :
> Login to OBIEE
> Apply load by ramping up the users on a specific dashboard / report
> Record the performance counters such as ‘Time taken for a report to retrieve the results’
and counters like Memory utilization, Load capability of BI Server
Can someone please help me in achieving this ?

Help him out here

Kashinathan K shared Types of Dimensions

Join in the Oracle Business Intelligence discussions here.

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Analytics shared Becoming a Better Listener…For Your Consumer

Oracle Blogs posted Extracting PSFT Chartfield Hierarchy Data in OBIA

Andrejus Baranovskis tweeted a link to his blog post Creating ADF BC View Object Instances On The Fly

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This week’s favourite blog posts.

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 11th November

rssBlogs of the Week

1. Formatting a Field Globally in OBIEE 11g

In this blog post by M & S Consulting, there are detailed instructions and screenshots of how to format a field globally in 11g. They say, “Having to format the field each time that a user wants to use it becomes quite burdensome and gives a developer more room for error if they are formatting the field each time it is used. The saying “work smarter, not harder” comes to mind with this solution.”

2. OBIEE 11g – Enable Log-Level from Advanced Tab

Kishore Uppalapti tells us exactly how to Enable Log Level from the Advance Tab. A very short and to the point instructional blog.

3. Monitoring OBIEE Performance for the End User with JMeter from EM12c

Robin Moffat in his third article in his two-article set of posts on extending the monitoring of OBIEE within EM12c. It comes after a brief interlude discussing Metric Extensions as an alternative using Service Tests to look at Usage Tracking data.

He talks us through

  • The JMeter test script
  • Running JMeter from the command line
  • Making the script available to run on EM12c server
  • Building the JMeter EM12c Service Test
  • Measuring response times from additional locations

Read the whole blog post here

4. OBIEE Architect Developer vacancy at Staff I.T., Inc in Detroit

This blog displays a vacancy for a qualified OBIEE Architect / Developer. In this role you will be responsible for building out the OBIEE infrastructure. You will be required to design and implement new reporting meta data repositories and will also be instrumental in developing reports against those meta data repositories. See the blog post for full details.

5. How to check version of OBIEE 10g and 11g

This is a short blog showing just how to check the version of 10g and 11g that you are using.

6. Integrating OBIEE 11g into Weblogic’s SAML SSO

In this blog by Srinivasan Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, SAML is described as a way of conveying identity information across systems. The writer describes a scenario where a situation required OBIEE 11g integration into SAML 2.0 SSO.

The post examines what can be done (and how) if this occurs.

7. Custom style and skin in OBIEE

This blog advises that when upgrading existing customized installations of OBIEE to, one thing that you may run into is a subtle change in the usage of the vanilla style and skin of the application.

The blog post explores this further.

8. Development Costs and Technical Confidence…

Dr OBI says, “For the manager, it’s important to understand the RELATIVE impact of software development challenges, when you’re delivering solutions driven by software. Why the problem is easy or why it is hard, has a profound impact on programme planning and budgets. This can greatly increase cost for enterprise programmes, increasing the cash burn rate…”

Read the full blog for some useful advice.

9. Populating OBIEE Event Polling Table via Trigger

Paul McGarrick states “When using Oracle BI Applications there is often the need to invalidate OBIEE’s query cache once new data has been loaded into the Data Warehouse to prevent users from seeing stale data in the reports. Perhaps the simplest and most elegant method to do this is to make use of the standard Event Polling Table mechanism.”

He then goes on to say there are three ways to do this:

1. Editing each Informatica Workflow to include post-ETL SQL insert statements
2. Configuration of new tasks within the DAC to handle inserts
3. Triggers in the database (Oracle only) to automate the inserts

He focuses on Method 3 in this blog. Read the blog here.

10. Display a list of dashboards based on permissions?

In this OBIEE Developer Blog, The question “Is there a way to display a list of dashboards based on permissions?” is answered. The writer gives credit to MTache who posted the Java Script on the OTN Forums.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Anshu Monga posted Build Your Career with Oracle WebLogic: #1 in the Application Server Market Segment for 2012

Kris Poria shared Oracle Democratizes Data Discovery with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1

Ritesh Bhagwat said “I’m in process of a developing LOV tables for improving Prompt Performance. If you have anything related please share.” Help him out here!

Richard Rankin posted Oracle R Enterprise: Programming and Integration

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twitter logoThis week on Twitter

OAUG shared OAUG eLearning

Oracle Tech Network tweeted information regarding a Virtual Development Day

SOA Community asked Why is the Oracle Specialization Program important for Your Fusion Middleware Implementation? and shared a link to the blog by Jurgen Kress

Kevin McGinley shared the YouTube video “Real Time BI with Kevin & Stewart: Ep 016″

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cropped-dreamstime_s_30492048.jpgOracle Team USA News

Feinstein, Whitehouse, Boxer Congratulate America’s Cup Team

Forging ahead on the 35th America’s Cup

Get your ORACLE TEAM USA 17″ desk model here

youtube logoYouTube uploads

Matt Bradley discusses different deployment options for Oracle EPM. Cloud services (SaaS), managed services, on-premise, off-premise all have their merits, and organizations need flexibility to easily move between them as their companies evolve.

Last week’s OBIEE News

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 28th October

rssBlogs of the Week

1. What are the Long-Term Prospects for Oracle Application Express?

In David Peake’s blog, he asks “What are the Long-term prospects for Oracle Application Express?”

He says that the simple answer is that Oracle is committed to the ongoing development and support of Application Express. Oracle itself utilizes Application Express extensively to meet business requirements and improve business processes.

In his conclusion, he says “I can’t guarantee that Oracle Application Express will always continue to have the incredible popularity, inside and outside Oracle, which it enjoys today. However, the above should give you confidence that Application Express has a very solid and promising future, and that Oracle will continue to invest in the tool’s ongoing development.”

Read his full and detailed blog post here.

2.  Tooltip On Column Headers : OBIEE 11g

In this blog by Just Analytics, they describe how in one of their projects, they had a requirement of putting tooltip on column header without losing the data format of the column values.

They describe the process, step by step:

  • Open an analysis in OBIEE 11g
  • Go to column format of the column where tooltip is required
  • Put HTML tag in column Heading and check Contains HTML Markup tag
  • Go to Results tab and check

See their blog post for further details and instructions.

3. Bad BI Form

In this blog post, Jeff McQuigg demonstrates visually how circles can not be compared easily but in a vertical bar, comparison is visually better. He says to keep this in mind when dealing with comparisons using area based visuals.


Read the full blog post here.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn


Karen Smith posted 4 days of Oracle BI content at UKOUG Tech13, hear from users, Oracle and industry experts, check out the agenda today! 1st – 4th December, Manchester

Sachin J shared Oracle Database Version Suffix

Ruben Visso asked, “Does anyone know where I can find a metric reference guide for Oracle BI Apps? I just found one but is from June 2009.” Answer his question here

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Oracle Blogs tweeted Translating Your Customizations and Critical Patch Update for Oracle Fusion Middleware – CPU October 2013

Oracle Magazine posted Start to finish, ADF Essentials deployment on Amazon EC2  by Wes Fang

Oracle Analytics shared In the Know – “Expanding the range of enterprise analysis puts new insight into workers’ hands” by Alison Weiss

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youtube logoYouTube Uploads

Oracle Financial Analytics Mobile Application Demo was posted by biecuador_chanel

“Rich Wilkie of Oracle talks about Oracle Financial Management Analytics” was posted by Oracle Business Analytics


My Favourite Blog Posts of the Week

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 21st October.

rssBlogs of the week

1.  Steps to Apply OBIEE 11G Patch

In this blog, Sandeep Venu goes through three simple steps to apply the OBIEE patch:

1. OPEN Command prompt as administrator and set the given variables

2. Unzip the patch folder and keep in the local dirive

3. Navigate to patch folder

Read the blog for the full instructions.

2.  Action links in OBIEE

Kashif explains how Action Links comprises of two methods – dashboards and columns in analysis methods.

He goes through the Dashboard Action Link and the Analysis Action Link then studies in detail the types of Action

  • Navigate
  • Invoke

He then goes through the Steps to Implement Action Links on Dashboard. Read the whole blog here.

3.  How to use RESTful to avoid DB Links with ā’pěks

In this blog, Kris goes through the following steps:

1. Make the RESTful service

2. Install PL/JSON

3. Glue Code

4.Make a page in Application Express

5. It’s alive!!

4.  Are you up to speed on Oracle Application Express 4.2?

In this Oracle Technology Network’s Blog, Laura Ramsay states What’s to know, An Interesting piece of trivia, A Cool Feature of APEX 4.2 and What’s New.  Read it here.

5. SQL Developer Quick Tip: Reordering Columns

Jeff Smith asks – “Do you find yourself always scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to get to the column you want to see when looking at a table or view’s data?”

He tells us not to do that and shows us how!

6.  How to create application roles automatically

Here, Matthias Kietze discusses how to create application roles automatically. He states, “Sometimes it is necessary to create application roles in Enterprise Manager via script. This is not very difficult.” Then he talks us through how to do this.

7. Effective Regression Testing for OBIEE Applications

Mike Jelen says, “If a butterfly flaps its wings in Costa Rica tonight, will the CFO’s Executive Financial Summary dashboard still work?”

He gives three approaches to Regression Testing:

1. Identify commonly executed queries with Usage Tracking (or just identify a specific request’s logical query), then execute the corresponding logical sql using nqcmd.exe.

2. Implement Oracle’s Application Testing Suite

3. Set up a series of webcat (HTTP) requests that can be executed on a scheduled basis by an automated web testing utility.

8. Insert an Image in the Narrative View

Sandeep Venu talks us through the two steps:

1. Place your images in the detailed paths

2. Create your analysis/report by adding the required columns to the criteria tab. Click on Results tab and create “Narrative View” and then paste the given code in the Narrative box.

See the blog post for further details.

9. More Praise for the Siebel Framework

In this blog, Alexander Hansal lays out the benefits of the Siebel framework in a bit more detail in terms of:

  • Technical Architecture
  • Logical Architecture
  • Extensibility
  • Features

10. How to access the DAC server using the command line

In this article, ClearPeaks look at how to set up the command line access to the DAC server and how to use the commands available. Finally, they explore how to create a script that automatically restarts an ETL execution if it has failed.

11. BIApps and BIApps on same machine ?

In this post, Saichand Varanasi asks “Do I need to uninstall existing to run my bi instance smoothly?”

12. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Samples

The Sample Application (SampleApp) for Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive collection of examples designed to demonstrate Oracle BI capabilities and design best practices.

Also, includes a link to YouTube BI Tech Demos and a video to show how to download all image files at once.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria posted Oracle Becomes Second Largest Software Company in the World

Uijal Das shared ERP Strategy Guide: Mitigating ERP Risks

Anand E posted Mastering Calculation Manager with Essbase and Planning

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Just Analytics tweeted a link to their latest blog post OBIEE 11g – User Folder Path Hashing

Oracle Analytics shared Should Mobile be the New Desktop? (Kevin McGinley’s Blog)

OracleBlogs posted a link to Fusion Middleware (FMW) Proactive patches including SOA Suite

cropped-dreamstime_s_30492048.jpgOracle Team USA News

America’s Cup winner Rome Kirby visits alma mater, Rocky Hill School


Music and the America’s Cup

In a unique approach to integrating sport and music, organizers of the 34th America’s Cup delivered a multi-faceted arts and entertainment program throughout the Summer of Racing.

Blogs of the Week

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out.  Edition of 14th October

rssBlogs of the Week

1. Comparing Performance Using a Union Query

In Kevin McGinley’s blog, he investigates comparing performance using a union query. He states that this is not really new functionality, but a technique he used many years ago. A recent conversation prompted him to post it.  Hopefully, it will come in useful!

2.  New Bigger Model Exalytics T5-8 Introduced

Also, read the full press release here.

3. Oracle BI and EPM Demonstration SampleApp V309 on OTN

The latest new version “SampleApp” V309R2 BI and EPM VM is now available for download by partners from OTN here. This includes a wealth of examples and how-to demonstrations, as well as examples for the new BI Mobile Application Designer, 19 “Apps” and more local data-models.

Also, watch the video – How to download all virtual appliance files at once

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria posted Oracle President Mark Hurd to Keynote on the Role of Big Data in Modern HR at Oracle HCM World

Anshu Monga shared Your Career growth is sure with Oracle SOA second-largest application infrastructure middleware

Ashish Raj posted BI APPS DAC, Informatica) Online Training

Ian Bristow shared OBIEE Problems with Chrome (update 30)  Read the discussion here.

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twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Tim Hall tweeted WebLogic 11g, Forms, ADF, Oracle Linux and VMware

Shiva Molabanti posted a link to OBIEE naming convention changes

Oracle Blogs shared How to use to build a auto stretching table in ADF

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cropped-dreamstime_s_30492048.jpgOracle Team USA

ORACLE TEAM USA, Boeing to Recycle Composites in America’s Cup-Class Yacht

How does Java fuel Oracle Team USA?


Blog posts of the week


OBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 7th October

Blogsrss of the week

1. Physical Layer Tips from OBIEE Express

In this blog post, Kishore looks at the physical layer problems of:

  • Circular Joins
  • Nullable Flag
  • Primary Keys
  • Complex Joins
  • Filtering

2. Oracle Open World 2013 – Wrap up

In this blog post, the highlights of Oracle Open World for Danny Byrant are shared. Read his detailed blog to find out more.

3. Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence 11g MDS XML Source Control Management with Git Version Control

In this post, Christian Screen explains how this tutorial was developed so that anyone with a basic understanding of the Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) development lifecycle can learn how to configure the Oracle Business Intelligence 11g ( metadata repository for development using the new MDS XML source control management functionality. Read the full tutorial here.

4. Top 10 Costly Mistakes for Business Intelligence / OBIEE Implementation Projects

Arun Kumar discusses the Top 10 Costly Mistakes for Business Intelligence / OBIEE Implementation Projects of which two are ‘Not setting the expectations right with users and senior management’ and ‘Going for BI Apps and assuming all out of the box reports will be ready and used by business’. Read all ten mistakes in the post.

Other News

Best Practices for OBIEE 11g Security

Learn about OBIEE 11g security in a step-by-step series as part of the TechTip forum. Simply register your details to access the video.

Oracle Application Express—What’s it All About?

Here, Peter Lorenzen talks about what APEX is, discusses application development, reports, charts, MS Excel Integration, User Interface and so on.  Well worth a read – to both those new to APEX and those more familiar.


The 2013 Winners of the Partner of the Year Awards have been announced.

UKOUG Business Intelligence Partner of the Year

Gold – Rittman Mead Consulting
Silver - IBM
Bronze – Percipient Consulting

Many Congratulations!

This week on linkedin logoLinkedIn

Ian Bristow shared OBIEE problems with Chrome (update 30) and SampleApp V309 is now available for public download from OTN

Uijal Das shared Oracle Special: Oracle Magazine. Click on the link and request your free subscription.

Monica Hasebi shared a link to Essbase Analytic Link Webinar Recording & Presentation

Philippe Lions shared Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Samples

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twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Cezar Ovidiu tweeted Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Samples

Oracle Blogs posted a link to ‘Partner Webcast – Oracle SOA: Simplifying Cloud, Mobile, and On-premise Integration – 24 Oct 2013.‘ and ‘ADF How-To #12: Deploying Customizations to Standalone WLS.’

OraNA.info shared ‘Practical Uses of Business Scorecards, from Company-Wide to Process Specific.’

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Oracle Racing News

Replay: America’s Cup Final – Race 19

Sir Ben Ainslie: ‘I’m not so stupid as to think I did it alone’

Champagne spray and hugs all around as ORACLE TEAM USA celebrated victory in the 34th America’s Cup.

Blog of the Week

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 30th September

rssBlogs of the Week

1. Conditional Formatting of Calculated Items in OBIEE 11g

Victor Fagundo, in ORACLENERD, discussed the problem of while calculated items in OBIEE are easy and flexible, they do have one important drawback: they take on the data and display formatting of the fact column they are calculated against.

He discussed 3 possible and common solutions:

  1. Use HTML formatting tricks to “hide” trigger text in the results, then conditionally format off those triggers.
  2. Convert the pivot table to a regular table with some complex column formulas.
  3.  Convert the calculated result to text and manually add your formatting characters.

He then explained another solution  – read the blog here.

2.  Predefined Presentation Variables in OBIEE 11G

In this blog post on ‘Praveen’s blog’, he presents a table that contains a list of the predefined presentation variables.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Monica Hasebi posted a link to the highlights of Oracle Openworld 2013.

Khalid Khan shared details of OBIEE Online Training – contact him at khalid.obiee@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/khalid.jatoi.7 for further details.

Benjamin Perez-Goytia posted ‘How to Implement Warehouse Early Arriving Facts in ODI 11g. Step-By-Step instructions, and sample ODI repository included.’

Santosh Jogal shared ‘Learn How to use SAP ERP Software.’

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

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OracleBlogs posted Webcast: Endeca Extension for Oracle Install Base and REST Enabling Oracle Fusion Sales Cloud using Java

Andrejus Baranovskis tweeted Conditional Task Flow Activation in ADF 12c/11g

Chriscmuir shared Going Mobile with ADF – Understanding the Options

Oracle Middleware tweeted a link to Recap of Yesterday’s General Session: Transform the Enterprise – Optimize Application Investment with Fusion Middleware

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-oracle-usa-team-action-america-s-cup-world-series-naples-italy-image30492048Oracle Racing News

Australia’s Hamilton Island Yacht Club confirmed as Challenger of Record


Blog of the Week

indexOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is Out! Edition of 23rd September.

rssThis week’s blogs

1.  Just Analytics – OBIEE 11g – Change Default Behavior when editing a report

In this week’s blog, Shwetank Sheel discusses the move from OBIEE 10 to OBIEE 11 and the consequent change in default behaviour when editing a report.

2.   OBIEE Exceeded configured maximum number of allowed output prompts, sections, rows or column

Lamont Consulting, this week, focus particularly on the error messages relating to Output Prompts, Sections, Rows or Columns.

3.  5 Reasons to Use Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management

In this blog, five reasons to use Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management are listed as:

  • Hyperion Scorecard is Dead
  • You Don’t Know Jack about Scorecarding…You Simply Dashboard
  • KPIs are Amazing
  • Cause and Effect
  • Shiny Spoons and Custom Views

Read the blog to discover more!

4. How-to: Automated Web Catalog Deployment in OBIEE 11g

Here, John Cook discusses the unknowns that the Oracle documentation does not cover. He attempts to answer questions such as:

  • What about version control?
  • How do you migrate only select files?
  • How do you migrate object level security?
  • What if there are multiple people editing the web catalog?

5. The Single Most Important Thing to Know About the OBI RPD

In his blog of September 10th, Jeff McQuigg states the Single Most Important Thing to Know About the OBI RPD is Dimensional Hierarchies. He advises to follow three simple rules a) get into the habit of doing it correctly from the beginning, b) make sure that the stuff you build works, c) be prepared for when your RPD grows much larger – pay a dollar now or 10 later.

Read the whole blog post for some great advice.

linkedin logo

This week on LinkedIn

Adiva Consulting shared a link to their online training – to commence September 28th.

Mark Willems posted “Stop Worrying About Your Infrastructure, Focus on Your Business”

Nilesh Vyas shared “Using Endeca information discovery to drive customer experience.”

Sanket Suri posted “Oracle Hyperion Planning and Public Sector Planning Implementation.”

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Oracle Blogs tweeted “ADF Mobile: The Specific of programmatic invocation of REST XML service which returns data in encoding other than UTF-8″

KPI Partners shared What’s New In Oracle Manufacturing Analytics? [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series] and a Downloadable Information Sheet “Depot Repair Analytics for Oracle BI & E-Business Suite

UKOCN posted the quiz How well do you know Oracle Fusion Apps?

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-oracle-usa-team-action-america-s-cup-world-series-naples-italy-image30492048Oracle Racing News

ORACLE TEAM USA scrapped its way back into contention at the 34th America’s Cup with a pair of victories on Sunday 22nd September over Emirates Team New Zealand.

Super Sunday for ORACLE TEAM USA

Another week of OBIEE

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-oracle-usa-team-action-america-s-cup-world-series-naples-italy-image30492048Oracle Racing News

Racing with giants

Oracle Team USA captures first victory in the America’s Cup

Oracle Team USA – The Launch


OBIEE News is out!! Edition of 9th September

twitter logo

This week on Twitter

Oracle Analytics tweeted “Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca”

Oracle Blogs posted ADF Mobile Deployment Problem to Google Play and OBIEE and EPM search helpers are online

KPI Partners shared OBIA 11g Domain Load to Business Analytics Warehouse

Christian Berg tweeted OBIEE Bundle Patch Now Available

Paul Mitchell shared OBIEE is the Final Regular Bundle Patch

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Weekly OBIEE News

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-oracle-usa-team-action-america-s-cup-world-series-naples-italy-image30492048Oracle Racing News

Inside the Deadly Quest to win the America’s Cup

Get to know Simeon Tienpont

Have you ever sailed faster than the wind?
Challenge yourself and your friends by helming Oracle Team USA 17, the defender of the 34th America’s Cup! Download the Oracle Team USA game for Android or iOS now!


OBIEE News is out!! Edition of 26th August

twitter logo

This week on Twitter

Oracle Blogs tweeted Shout-out for ADF EMG Sunday at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 and Partner Webcast – Geospatial Ready Solutions with Oracle Fusion Middleware – 5 September 2013

Nick Whitehead posted Focus on Business Analytics (EPM, BI, Analytics, Big Data, Exalytics) for Oracle Open World

Oracle Analytics shared Quickly find the Root of Warranty Claims

ClearPeaks tweeted “Learn how to implement KPI trending in OBIEE here”

linkedin logo

This week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria posted Push Your Data Centre Ahead of the Curve  - an invitation to join in Oracle Storage Innovations Breakfast

Kashinathan K shared Types of Dimensions from the DataWarehouse Concepts Blog.

 Italia Nowodworska shared Introduction to Oracle BI Mobile App Designer

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http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-oracle-usa-team-action-america-s-cup-world-series-naples-italy-image30492048Oracle Racing News

ORACLE TEAM USA Defender Practice Racing on San Francisco Bay

Oracle Team USA‬ has an official fan hub. Tag your posts and photos with #oracleteamusa to see them featured.


OBIEE News in out.  Edition of 19th August

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

 Oracle Blogs tweeted Integrating OBIEE with Microsoft Office Using Oracle Hyperion Smart View For Office

Liz Ransdorp posted “Why Social Business Intelligence Matters”.

Oracle Nerd tweeted Conditional Formatting of Calculated Items in OBIEE 11g

twitter logoFollow me on twitter for daily OBIEE updates and links.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Namrata Khetan posted Oracle BI 11g : Build Repositories Training (Weekday) ** Live Online Training ** of “Oracle BI 11g : Build Repositories from 31st Aug, 2013 – read more here.

Richard Rankin asked “How much data do you need to do your job?” and shared a link to “Is Big Data an Economic Big Dud?”

Monica Hasebi shared “Free pass to OpenWorld 2013.”

Raviteja Mamillapalli posted OBIEE Creating a Performance Tile View

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oracle racingOracle Racing News

Get to know: Will McCarthy

Win a day behind the scenes! Enter here.



OBIEE News is Out! Edition of 5th August

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Blogs tweeted A peak into the usability labs that build Fusion Applications and Customize Your ADF Application As You Like: Quick Overview of ADF Skin Editor Enhancements In JDeveloper 12c

KPI Partners posted a link to What’s New In Financial Analytics-Holds & Discounts? [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series]

Oracle Analytics tweeted Delphi Improves Warranty Response, and Customer Satisfaction with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery and Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca

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linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria added Hyundai Heavy Industries Selects Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 to Build an Effective Talent Management System from Oracle’s Media Centre and Oracle Customer Experience Momentum Expands Worldwide

Anshu Monga shared Building Career in Oracle Data Integration as ETL Developer, Administrator and Architect

Monica Hasebi posted Planning webinar recording & presentation

Steve May shared Engage: An Oracle JD Edwards and E-Business Suite User Event – An event to take place Thursday 22nd August.

Jeremiah Johnson posted What’s New In Financial Analytics-Fixed Assets? [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series]

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This week’s News Blog

oracle racing



Oracle Racing News

youtube logo

Get to know Jonathan Macbeth


WISeKey becomes Official Fan App Supplier of ORACLE TEAM USA, Defender of the 34th America’s Cup





OBIEE News is out!! Edition of 29th July

twitter logo



This week on Twitter

Jason Shaffner tweeted “SmartView and OBIEE Integration At Last.” from his blog Putting ERP to Work in Higher Ed

Oracle Blogs posted Introducing the New Oracle ADF Architecture TV Channel on YouTube and OBIEE cluster web SSO – ADFS IdP SAMLv2

KPI Partners tweeted Overview of Oracle BI Apps [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series]

linkedin logo




This week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria shared SettleOurEstate.com Deploys Estate Asset Distribution Application on Oracle Cloud Platform Services – a Press Release from Oracle and Oracle Delivers New Capabilities for Powering the Internet of Things

Anshu Monga informed the group of a Free Introduction Class to take place on Saturday 27th July.  Get in touch with him for further details.

Sanket Suri shared training information. View details here.

Ian Bristow posted OBIEE Support for MS Office 2003

Jeremiah Johnson shared What’s New In Financial Analytics-Fixed Assets? [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series]



Another busy week in the world of OBIEE

oracle racingOracle Racing News

Kai Lenny’s Kite Board vs. ORACLE TEAM USA’s AC72 – watch the AMAZING YouTube video here.

Read NO SECOND PLACE – Episode 2

Oracle Team USA asked ‘What caption would you put on this picture?’oracle team usa caption


OBIEE News is out! Edition of 15th July

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Fusion Applications tweeted a link to an article in Oracle Scene Issue 50 entitled ‘The Feng Shui of Fusion.’ and a link to FADeveloperRelations YouTube channel.

Liz Ransdorp posted ‘User Interface Design Pattern Library.’

Andrejus Baranovskis shared Researching ADF 12c Connection Threshold Property Functionality.

Christian Berg tweeted OBIEE in-place upgrade errors.

KPI Partners shared ‘The Primary Differences Between OBIEE 10g & 11g Security Models.’

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linkedin logo

This week on LinkedIn

Kris Noria shared Oracle Exalytics X3-4 Powers Real-Time Analytical Insights

Meenal Ashtikar posted ‘When a great BI infrastructure becomes a victim of its own success…’ from Acrotrend

Monica Hasebi shared Unwinding the Mysteries of DRM from Mindstream Analytics

Susan Richard Wyant posted ‘PwC Talks: Leaning In, together.’

Kent Graziano shared a post entitled ‘Biggest Discount Ever: Oracle OpenWorld 2013.’

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Opening of 34th America’s Cup and Other News.

oracle racing

Oracle Racing News

The 34th America’s Cup officially opened on the 4th of July – Independence Day. Crowds filled the new AC Park on a warm, sunny day in San Francisco as ORACLE TEAM USA was introduced during the Opening Ceremony. The celebration also included cultural performances from all four competing nations – the U.S. was represented by the Recycled Percussion troupe. Watch a fantastic YouTube video and read an article here.




OBIEE News is out! Edition of 8th July

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Fusion Applications shared 5 Customer Benefits from the Salesforce.com and Oracle Partnership from Oracle Voice and The week Oracle suddenly became BFFs with everyone in enterprise software

OracleBlogs tweeted Add ADF library to Fusion Applications Workspace

Barry Mostert shared “Turn a spreadsheet into a full-featured discovery application using ‎Oracle ‎Endeca Information Discovery!” Watch the video here.

Oracle Analytics posted “Oracle rolls out analytic apps for E-Business Suite“.

Oracle BI Technology tweeted: “A new version of the BI Mobile HD app is available on the App Store. iPhone & iPad, iOS 6 & above. OBIEE and above.”

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Ian Bristow posted “Upgrade SmartView if You have Applied the OBIEE Patch Set – If you have applied the OBIEE patch set, it is incompatible with the versions of SmartView provided with OBIEE You need to download and install SmartView, which is available on OTN” Get the downloads here.

Kashinathan K posted “nQLogViewer in OBIEE”

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Oracle News of the Week

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

Last Sunday (30th June), saw the opening of the new series of Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson racing the fastest car in the world (a hire car!) against James May who was onboard with Sir Ben Ainslie on an Oracle Racing AC72.  Read more about it here and watch it on the iplayer.


Few components of the AC72 class are getting as much attention as rudder wings, the large lifting foils attached to the bottom of the catamaran’s steering rudders. Tom Slingsby walks through the basics, and explains a bit about how ORACLE TEAM USA has been using them in their continued development leading up to the America’s Cup defense in September. Watch the youtube video here.

Oracle Leads High-Speed Hi-Tech on the Open Seas – “The Superbowl of Sailing!”


OBIEE News is out! Edition of 1st July


twitter logoThis week on Twitter

 KPI Partners tweeted a link to “Overview of Oracle BI Apps [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series]“

Oracle Nederland asked Which is fastest? Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson or Oracle’s Racing team?

Sunil S Ranka tweeted a link to “Oracle Apache Hadoop Hive ODBC Driver For OBIEE” – read the post here

Dann Bakboord posted “OBIEE 11g is Available For BI Enterprise.”

ORCL Partner Network shared “Endeca Commerce 3.1 Specialization is active! Make sure you’re a proficient Oracle partner, & apply. “

.linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria shared “Oracle Enhances Cloud Management with New Third Generation Release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c” and Oracle Introduces Its Fastest Engineered System – SuperCluster T5-8

Ian Bristow discussed the release of the OBIEE 11g Patch Set. View the conversation here.

Bradley Sacks posted asking for assistance with case studies.  Read his request here.

Kent Graziano posted about KScope13 – Day 5

Albert Augustine asked for Reviewers for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g R1 Cookbook – read his request here.

View the group statistics here.

News of the week

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

America’s Cup Oracle Team USA: Racing on San Francisco Bay

Tickets from $7


ORACLE TEAM USA’s crane-man Ron takes us through the view from the top, and what it’s like lifting an AC72 wing on a daily basis. Watch the Youtube video ORACLE TEAM USA – In the Crane With Ron


oracle sailing

TWO Oracle Team USA AC72s on San Francisco Bay!



OBIEE News is out! Edition of 24th June

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Analytics tweeted a link to their Webcast on Oracle Real Time Decisions.

Oracle Blogs posted a link to “Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) 11g ( Starter Kit available & Customizable Demos” – a blog from SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog by Jurgen Kress

Oracle BI Technology shared Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations

Shay Shmeltzer posted a link to the OTN Community forum

Edward Roske tweeted a picture of KScope13

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Ashish Raj posted a link to Adiva Consulting OBIEE 11g  ( training - Free Demo session on Saturday June 29th 9am and BI Apps Technical Training with a Free Demo Session on Sunday June 30th 9am.

Kris Poria posted Oracle Doubles Divided, Cloud SAAS Revenues up 50%, Engineered Systems up 45%

Kent Graziano posted a link to the blog See you at KScope13!  – Data Modeling, Data Vault, OBIEE and More will be there.

Eric Lundquist posted “New and Enhanced Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Help Organizations Extract Strategic Insights From Business Data”- An article from Yahoo Finance.

Mark De Jonge asked a question about the OBIEE JDeveloper Skinning Tool.  Answer his question here.

Jeremiah Johnson posted “Watch: Unpacking The New Oracle BI Apps (Now With ODI!)”

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Last week’s OBIEE News

oracle team logoOracle Racing news

With ORACLE TEAM USA’s two-boat testing program on the horizon, the team re-activates their first AC72 following a few weeks of upgrades.

Watch the youtube video.

friday fun

Friday fun on the San Francisco Bay with the AC72.


OBIEE News is out! Edition of 17th June

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Blogs tweeted a link to How to customize the user experience in Fusion Apps – Part 1 Composer Security Expressions

Andrejus Baranovskis posted the blog  Oracle Forms to ADF Modernization Reference – Convero (AMEC) Project

Phillippe Lions posted a YouTube video entitled What’s New in SampleApp V305.

KPI Partners tweeted a link to “Examining Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g: The Series”

Oracle Analytics posted a YouTube video called “OEID for Voice of the Consumer.” Watch it here.

linkedin logo

This week on LinkedIn

Kent Graziano posted Free Introduction to Data Warehousing the Data Vault Way

Jeremiah Johnson added Overview of Oracle BI Apps [Examining OBIA 11g: The Series] from KPI Partners Blog

Elizabeth Spencer posted Upgrading Oracle OBIEE 10g to 11g

Parag Devdas asked “Has anyone implemented Oracle BI Apps Pricing Analytics with source as Oracle EBS? Thanks in advance.” Answer him here.

Artashes Hovasapyan shared Soft Delete Functionality in Oracle BI Applications from The Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Blog



This week’s OBIEE News

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

Watch the youtube video ORACLE TEAM USA – Testing the Waters

Congratulations to Ben Ainslie and crew! 2 hours, 52 minutes, 15 seconds to break the Round the Island Race record.


image_flag001OBIEE Paper.li

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 3rd June


twitter logoThis week on Twitter

OracleBlogs tweeted Free ADF Mobile eCourse available! and “OBIEE – New Features And Recommendations For  Working With Microsoft Office”

KPI Partners posted a blog “Using the OBIEE Multi-Source Session Variable in a Logical Query”

linkedin logo

This week on LinkedIn

Meenal Ashtikar posted “When a great BI infrastructure becomes a victim of its own success” from Acotrend

Thomas Ewald-Nifkiffa posted regarding a Oracle OLAP Roadshow – presenting MDX and Mobile OLAP App

Ian Bristow posted “How to read product versions: ” .x” versus ” +” and “Oracle Business Analytics Support News – volume 8 released”

Sanjeev Y asked  “Need help : client needs to post message online, so that obiee users in advance can see the message on obiee dashboard..message e.g : “obiee server will get down in one hour “ Click here to help him!

Mark de Jonge asked a question regarding Customizing CSS in OBIEE.  Answer him here.

Shiva Molabanti posted the blog post “OBI Apps installation and Configuration”

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Happy Sailing..

OBIEE News of the Week.

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

The Wind Gods – Official trailer. Watch it here.

BUILT FOR SPEED exhibit opens May 10th at the California Academy of Sciences 


Installation of the Oracle Team USAs AC45

image_flag001OBIEE Paper.li

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 6th May

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Blogs tweeted links to How to solve “Failed to locate the Google Cloud Messaging” in ADF Mobile deployment and OBIEE Patch released

Robin Moffat shared “Getting Started with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.0

KPI Partners tweeted a link to a Webinar to take place May 15th. The Webinar is entitled “Migrating Oracle Financial Statement Generator (FSG) Reports to Oracle BI Applications”.

Debra Lilley shared a video “A simplified UI for Fusion – interview with Jeremy Ashley

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria posted an Oracle Press Release entitled “Land O’ Lakes Improves its Data Analysis and Sales with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, Wins Gartner BI and Analytics Excellence Award.”

Kent Graziano shared “Another First at ODTUG’s #Kscope13” – a blog from Oracle Data Warrior.

Brandon Quaries asked “Is Discoverer Dead? What about OBIEE?

Ana Filipa Metelo shared a blog from Link Consulting BI Team.

Shiva Molabanti asked How to reset forgotten OBIEE 11g RPD passwords?

Eduardo Arroyo shared “Oracle Data Integrator Outline and more.”

Sujith G posted Variable Creation in 11g.

Italia Nowodworska posted BIApps ready for download and OBIEE Bundle Patch released

Carlota Vina Sirgo asked a question about OBIEE.  Read it here.

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Read this week’s OBIEE news…

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

ORACLE TEAM USA launches second AC72

ORACLE TEAM USA AC72 Boat 2 – All Signals Go – view the Youtube video here.

On the final day of racing at the America’s Cup World Series in Naples, Italy, ORACLE TEAM USA won the match race championship. Skipper Tom Slingsby and crew also finished second in the fleet racing, giving ORACLE TEAM USA a second consecutive ACWS second championship. Watch it here.

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OBIEE News is out! Edition of 29th April.

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Analytics posted a link to “OBIEE and SmartView integration – A Great Oracle BI / MS-Office Add-in” – a blog by KPI Partners.

Paul Mitchell tweeted a link to “Locating Certification Information for OBIEE

Oracle Blogs shared ADF mobile training on demand.

ORCL Partner Network linked to a video about how AutoTrader.com turbo-charged their HR department.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria shared an Oracle Press Release “Latvenergo AS Enhances Customer Service with Oracle to Meet Challenges of Deregulated Energy Market

Raqsoft OLAP asked “Which will you choose among desktop, browser or client platform for data analysis and visualization?”

Shiva Maolabanti suggested we Upgrade Old nested folders using the Convert Presentation Folders Utility in OBIEE RPD

Soumu C shared OBIEE Online training – End to End OBIEE 

Ian Bristow posted a YouTube video “How to Find Information if OBIEE 11g is Certified and Supported.”

Sujith G wrote a post called Variable Creation in 11g

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OBIEE news this week…

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

Tom Slingsby takes the helm for ORACLE TEAM USA in Naples. View the video here.

ORACLE TEAM USA SLINGSBY captured the match racing title in Naples, Italy, and second in the final fleet race, earning the team the overall America’s Cup World Series 2012-2013 season championship.

US Ambassador Aboard for Impressive Day with ORACLE TEAM USA – watch a youtube video.


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OBIEE News is out! Edition of 22nd April.

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Andrejus Baranovskis tweeted a link to his blog “Oracle BPM 11g Mobile Worklist with ADF Mobile.”

Yves Mulkers posted “Endeca text enrichment. Entities extraction, sentiment analysis, and text tagging with Lexalytics customer defined lists. I love this one!” from Business Intelligence Quotient.

Fusion Applications shared a blog entitled Tailoring Fusion Applications in the Cloud Explained from the Fusion Applications Developer Relations Blog.

Oracle Blogs encouraged us to Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware!

Alexander Hansal shared an old but useful blog from Clear Peaks entitled “OBIEE Metadata Dictionary in 11g.”

KPI Partners tweeted about their Webinar and posted about Complex Row Level Security in Oracle BI (OBIEE)

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Ashish Raj posted A Case Study : Oracle Report to BI Publisher Conversion and OBIEE New UI Features

Paul Kavanagh shared a Broventure Webinar: Maximise your investment in Hyperion with Brovanture’s Applications Specific Support.

Shiva Molabanti shared several blog posts, including  “Change the OBI Repository Password from the Command Line” from his own blog An Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition weblog

Kent Graziano said Get thee to KScope13!

Euan Morton asked Approximately how long should OBIU 2.3.2 base Extract EXTFIN take to extract 50M records? Answer his question here.

Jeff McQuigg announced his upcoming KPI Partners Webinar on Performance Tuning the BI Apps with a Performance Layer. More details can be found here.




Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF Release and other news…

Oracle Racing News

Launching the AC45 in Naples for the distance regatta.

How Oracle’s $8M Yacht Takes On the Strongest Winds – watch the video here.

Oracle J Developer and Oracle ADF Release.

The new Oracle JDeveloper & Oracle ADF includes fixes as well as several new features:

  • Simpler look and feel with the Skyros Skin
  • Visualization components including Treemap, Sunburst, and Timeline
  • List View
  • PanelGridLayout
  • Code Editor

Download it here.

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image_flag001OBIEE Paper is out! Edition of 15th April.


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Fusion Applications posted a link to “Oracle’s Mark Hurd talks Fusion Applications, customer satisfaction and SAP’s HANA.”

Oracle Analytics shared their Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Page.  Have a look at it here for plenty of resources. They also tweeted a link to a Customer and Partner Search – “Smilde Foods Improves Financial Administration and Logistics with Enterprise Resource Planning”

Oracle Blogs shared a blog from BI and Analytics Pulse by Sophia Tseng -  “What’s new in Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.0″

Profit Online tweeted a link to an ‘Opinion’ - by Maneesh Chhabra  “The Future of Financial Management.”

Andrejus Baranovski shared his latest blog post “BPM 11g R1 Worklist Integration (Hacking Experiment) Into Non-SOA ADF 11g R2 Domain.”

KPI Partners imparted information about a Webinar to take place on May 15th titled Migrating Oracle Financial Statement Generator (FSG) Reports To Oracle BI Applications.” They also shared a blog post called “Converting Hyperion Interactive Reporting (Brio) to OBIEE.”

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Elizabeth Spencer shared a link to Overview of Endeca, a Webinar to take place on Thursday April 18th.

Kiran Kumar posted training information.

Ashish Raj posted a blog from Adiva Consulting entitled “OBIEE New UI Features”

Kris Poria shared an Oracle Press Release: “New Additions to the Oracle Big Data Appliance Product Family Help Customers Jumpstart Initial Big Data Projects and Scale More Cost-Effectively”

Raqsoft OLAP posted a link to “The Spreadsheet is Still the King of the Business Intelligence World.”

Takin Babael shared a Youtube video – “What’s New in Oracle Business Analytics”

Eduardo Arroyo posted The Top Ten BI Vendors Reviewed White Paper.

Euan Morton posted OWB/OBIU base discrepancies.

Sujith G asked:

We have 3 Dashboards: A, B,C. B & C are copies of A.  When we run the B & C Dashboards, they are hitting Dashboard A. How to change the paths of B & C to avoid that?

View the resulting discussion here.

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A week of OBIEE


oracle team logoOracle Racing News

Tickets on sale from April 3rd 2013!

America’s Cup World Series brings top teams to Naples for season decider.

Out of all the sailors who would win a karaoke contest?! Watch the youtube video here.

OBIEE Paper.li

image_flag001OBIEE Paper is out! Edition of 8th April.


linkedin logoIn the LinkedIn group this week:

Michel Miotto Barbosa posted New Features in Oracle Enterprise Repository 11g Release 1 (, an Oracle white paper titled “Oracle Data Integrator 11g New Features Overview” and Business Intelligence Documentation for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g

Paul Kavanagh posted How Brovanture implemented Oracle EPM software at Channel 4 and information about a Webinar titled “Maximise your investment in Hyperion with Brovanture’s Applications Specific Support” from the UK OCN website.

Michel also posted a LinkedIn poll “My doubts about the scope of the strategy of Big Data and Third Industrial Revolution”.

Euan Morton posted:

We are encountering a problem because of discrepancies between the OWB metadata and OBIU DB tables created during installation. This manifests when deploying base objects, such as CF_FO, from OWB, version 10g, to OBIU, version 2.3.2, the error we get is DIMENSION KEY invalid identifier.

See the post here.

Ashish Raj posted “OBIEE Released. What’s new in the Box?” – a blog post from Adiva Consullting.

Nishit Gajjar posted “Preview OBIEE on YouTube

twitter logoOn Twitter this week:

Oracle Team USA posted AC72 flying through the San Francisco fog!

Oracle Blogs posted Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 by Raghavendra Rao, ADF mobile – integrating with device features and OWSM Mobile agent for ADF mobile.

Chris Muir posted a link to ‘Learning Oracle’s ADF – the top ten videos to get you started.

Peak Indicators posted a link to New Features with OBIEE

Collaborative BI

Finally, the BI Teamwork Collaborative BI Tool has arrived! Watch a video demo!

This tool allows users to:

  • add dashboard comments
  • create tables
  • create pivotal table cell annotations
  • manage functionality by setting privileges and constraints

The community version can be downloaded for free here.  Installation takes under five minutes.

BI Teamwork is a seamless extension of the Oracle BI framework and is the first plug-in for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.  It adds accountability, collective means for decision making and alerting and maintenance features. The current release (BITeamwork 1.8) supports several language, including German and French.

Read the Art of BI blog post “BITeamwork 1.8 (Nobel Release) – It’s Dynamite” for more details.


Another week of OBIEE

Oracle Racing News

Fun on Foils – Hear from the ORACLE TEAM USA crew what it’s like to fly their AC72 “17″ on foils, sometimes at speeds of over 40 knots, and experience the sensational acceleration from onboard. Watch the Youtube video here.

Happy birthday to sailor Darren Bundock – the best present ever – helming a AC72!




OBIEE Paper.li

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 25th March 2013


linkedin logoIn the LinkedIn group this week:

Kavitha Shanmugam asked

‘Error failed to find div obj by name (invisible layer-1)’

“I tried to develop some dashboards in OBIEE 10G.
Upon selecting any text or link option, am being thrown this error.
I couldn’t click either OK or cancel, since both these throw the above said error.
can someone help me in this regard?”
Richard Rankin replied “Can you provide more information? Is this the complete error verbatim? Are you using any tools? If so which ones and their versions? Are you using HTML5 or Flash?”

See the post here.

Jeremiah Johnson posted a link to “Who has time for data?” regarding the Webinar:  “Extend Oracle BI To Support Real -Time Analytics” which is to take place April 3rd.

Secured Oracle HTTP Server – Configuring SSL, a blog from Clear Peaks was posted.  Read it here

Kashinathan K posted “What are dimension and fact?” – A post from The DataWarehousing Concepts blog.

Kris Poria posted ‘Oracle Introduces New Release of Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics’ – An Oracle Press Release.

Kent G posted How EHR adoption is hindering healthcare big data analytics – a post from EHR Intelligence.

twitter logoOn Twitter this week:

Oracle Blogs posted Fusion Security (Part 1: Overview), ADF Mobile and SDO: making the connection, ADF Mobile: Integrating SMS and ADF Mobile: Integrating the Camera

Oracle for Partners posted a link to ‘Fusion Middleware Performance Problems? Take Advantage of DMS by Daniel Mortimer’

Paul Mitchell posted a link to OBIEE Patch Set is Released

My Oracle Support posted ‘Get information on certified devices and operating systems for OBIEE Mobile from the OBIEE 11g certification matrix.’

This week in OBIEE

The LinkedIn group is continuing to grow both in number and activity and valuable content is being shared amongst its members.  I thought it would be helpful to begin to share some of the week’s activities from both Twitter and the LinkedIn Oracle Business Intelligence group here.

The LinkedIn group statistics can be viewed here.

linkedin logoOn LinkedIn this week:

Ian Bristow posted detailed information regarding The Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition patch set release

Jeremiah Johnson shared The Crazy World of Human Resource Analytics from the KPI Partner’s blog.

Kent G shared How to use Information to build a Data Vault from the Oracle Data Warrior blog.

Monica H shared Enterprise Performance Management from the Mindstream Analytics blog.

Twan P shared a Mobile Business Intelligence Study

Ashish Raj shared  In a RTF Template how to display measures as rows in a table from Adiva Consulting.

Kris Poria shared Yarra Valley Water Uses Oracle Engineered Systems for Mission Critical Business Applications To Help Improve Business Performance from The Oracle Press Room

twitter logoOn Twitter this week:

Oracle Blogs shared CR Mantra CPQ On Demand is now a certified Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) add on by Richard Lefebvre including a Youtube video and OBIEE Bundle patch released and Another Dynamic form in ADF

Oracle BI Technology shared Starbucks Coffee Company Delivers Daily, Actionable Information to Store Managers, Improves Business Insight with High Performance Data Warehouse.

Andrejus Baranovskis shared Optimizing Long Running ADF Operations with Parallel WebLogic Time Manager Execution from his own blog.

Oracle Team USA

In Oracle Team USA News, ORACLE TEAM USA took the AC72 out on San Francisco Bay on Wednesday 13th March to train for the America’s Cup Finals this summer.

Rome Kirkby was interviewed on Youtube.

Ben Ainslie is knighted. See the video here



My Oracle Links

Just a Handy list of links so I can remember where everything is!

I will keep adding to this as I find more.


Execution Plans

Favorite ADF Bloggers and Links

Oracle OBIEE Blogs

Where do I read the good stuff?

Name Link Summary Authors
The Art of BI www.artofbi.com Posted by BI/EPM thought-leaders and masterminds. Passionate about BI and EPM technologies, the processes they enhance and the insight they provide. Christian Screen
Achieving Great BI with Oracle BI http://greatobi.wordpress.com/ 95 followers.  Links to presentations and other useful materials. Jeff McQuigg
Peak Indicators http://www.peakindicators.com/index.php/knowledge-base List of articles with number of hits beside – ranging from 163 to 14,687. Antony Heljula
KPI Partners News and Blog http://www.kpipartners.com/blog/ Text/video/screenshots. Clear to read and easy to share on social media. KPI Partners News Team – Jeremiah Johnson
Clear Peaks Blog http://www.clearpeaks.com/blog/ The latest information on Business Intelligence and best practices from ClearPeaks Experts. Rafal
 Oracle Business Intelligence Blog  http://bi.abhinavagarwal.net/ Links to books, text and screenshots, kindle extract. 1531524 hits. Abhinav Agarwal
 Oracle E-Business Suite Technology  https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/ The latest news directly from E-Business Suite Development.  Steven Chan
HDS Bloggers  http://blogs.hds.com/blog-authors.php Data Centre Advisors – IT and Storage Advice from HDS.  Various

BIWA 2013

The next Oracle BIWA Summit, organized by the leading Oracle Special Interest Group (SIG) for Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics professionals, will be held on Jan 9,10 2013, at The Oracle HQ Sofitel Hotel, in Redwood City, California, USA.

The Oracle BIWA Summit brings together Oracle ACE experts, customers who are currently using or planning to use Oracle BI, Warehousing and Analytics products and technologies, partners and Oracle Product Managers, Support Personnel and Development Managers.
Everything and everyone that you will need to be successful in your Oracle “BIWA” implementations will be at the Oracle BIWA Summit, Jan 9-10, 2013.
Having had a great trip last month I am not sure I can afford to fly over again to “San Fran”, but then again, can I afford not to go!


Blogs from the SIG are found here => http://oraclebiwasig.blogspot.co.uk/



On a British Airways flight today, to Italy as it happens, I noted in the Financial Times that Sony is scaling back its television production and focusing on other consumer areas such as touch screen production and games. Also in the news this week was the sacking by UBS of 10,000 staff and its withdrawal from Investment Banking.

Another article on page 16 of the Financial Times talked of falling profits at Marks and Spencer and strategic questions about super-market Sainsburys.
What these companies have in common is this; their approach to quality and to price. My British Airways flight is more expensive than Easyjet, my Sony TV was 100 quid more than the average and the food at M&S is way more expensive than the competition. Sainsburys have historically tried to position itself at the higher cost end but struggles with itself in that strategy. My FT paper was £3.00 but the Daily Mail was only £1.00.

The big questions for us as consumers is can we afford to pay more? And if so, is it worth paying more? On my flight, is my seat better than Easyjet?, is the free food worth having, is check in and boarding better? Can I afford the M&S sandwich for lunch? Is it better than Tesco?

These same questions need to be asked by companies buying Oracle Business Intelligence consulting services. You could buy your OBIEE implementation from a low cost provider, one that charges a lower daily rate, or you could buy a premium service from a specialist consultancy.
The choices in the UK are between a consulting firm or use of independent consultants (contractors we call them).
A cheap contractor will start around 300 per day rising to 1000 for the very best. A cheap outsource consultancy will start around 500 per day rising to 2000 for the most expensive.

So, does more expensive mean better quality? Generally I will say yes, but be very careful. Some consultancies ( I won’t name them but you will know who they are) charge higher rates because of their reputation and their successful sales force. However, the person that arrives is not necessarily a premium OBIEE consultant. I know of many instances where a consultant was being charged to the client at 1,500 per day but they had NEVER implemented OBIEE or OBIA before. Three consultants at a recent engagement could not even install OBIEE 10g, and yet were getting charged in at over 800 per day each!

The problem I have with inexperienced consultants is that they implement the system in a bad way, often leaving the customer disappointed. This has two obvious effects and one not so obvious:
If the client notices the poor implementation, either the client hates OBIEE/OBIA because it doesn’t do what they were promised, and funding is cut, or someone is brought in to rescue the project costing the client much more than budget.

The not-so-obvious effect is that the customer gets a poor product that runs slower than it should, or is not easy to upgrade. They may not be unhappy, but will also not be wowed by the fantastic system that saves them lots of money and enables better productivity. The net effect of a poor implementation is higher cost (rework/expensive upgrade/lost opportunities).

The effect of a great implementation is that the customer pays less, yes, it’s more up front but pays out less in the long run, And more importantly they will realise huge savings in their internal systems.

My guess is that the underlying cause of going for cheap is that the IT director is given a spend budget. If they were also charged with operational cost savings through the use of OBIEE they would certainly consider better quality consultants.

Of course the biggest challenge is to figure out if you are hiring a quality consultant.  Who can you trust?  The agent?  The salesman from the consultancy?  Is it possible to interview someone and assess their skills with internal resources?

It’s not easy, but there are things you can check.

1) Linked In – What is their background, how many OBIEE/OBIA projects, what was their ACTUAL role, and what recommendations are people getting.

2) Independent verification – Get other OBIEE experts to comment on the skills level.

3) Customer references – Ask the previous project managers and client for their view of the work done.

4) Blogs – Read their blog and see if they are original and technical enough for you.

(If you want a second opinion, please feel free to contact me)





PS.  Its Movember!