OBIEE Weekly Roundup

This week I have updated the Blogger database, adding more members and putting links in place  to the ACE Directory and oracle community.


Also this week I heard from ODTUG that my submission to talk at next years conference in Miami was not successful, but I think I will go anyway.  I need to figure why they didn’t want to hear about advanced OBIEE techniques.  I am hoping its because my submission was not eye catching enough, and not that OBIEE is not a popular subject any more?  Lets wait see what come out on the agenda at KSCOPE 16


Blogs of the week

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1. Preparing for TOGAF 9 and ArchiMate 2 Exams

Daan Bakboord shares two presentations that he made to help him study for these exams.

2. What is a data scientist?

Jeremiah Johnson defines data scientists as  ‘master communicators’. He looks at:

  • The Core Skills
  • What they bring to the table
  • What they do
  • Bottom Line

3. Catching Up on Mobile

Carlos Chang helps us to catch up on Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)

  • There’s a new version of Oracle MAF
  • Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE)
  • The Mobile Application Framework Challenge
  • Mobile Design Patterns

4.  How do you tell a ‘good’ story based upon data?

Dan Power’s tips include

  • Keep in mind what’s interesting to your audience.
  • Come up with your ending before you figure out your middle.
  • “Putting it on paper lets you start fixing it. If it stays in your head, a perfect idea, you’ll never share it with anyone.”

5. File Encoding in the Next Generation Outline Extractor

Tim Tow writes, “We had a couple of issues reported with the output of the Next Generation Outline Extractor where the exported file did not work properly as a load file.” Read the blog to find out the solution

6. Easy method to create BIP 11g reports on top of OBIEE dashboards.

Vishal Pathak talks us through a quick way of producing BIP reports on top of OBIEE dashboards.

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Gerd Aiglstorfer posted Criteria for OBIEE project success

Uday Singh shared What is relational algebra?

 asks How to embed a Google Docs spreadsheet with OBIEE? Read the answers and join in the discussion.


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KPI Partners tweeted OBIEE Mobile Application Designer: Features, Issues, Limitations

Robin Moffatt shared No Silver Bullets – OBIEE Performance in the Real World

Boris Dahav posted Simple OMM4OBI use cases with OBIEE



Stories from and

Videos such as

OVUM talks about making the business case for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management


Excluding and Including Columns Without Editing a Fusion OTBI Report

OBIEE Up a Mountain

This weeks blog is brought to you from up a mountain in Italy, at a cafe overlooking Lake Garda.
We come here for fantastic sailing competitions and pizza!

Nothing to do with OBIEE except I sometimes get to wear my OracleNerd OBIEE T-Shirt :)


Blogs of the week

1. Statement of Direction for Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics (OBIA)

Daan Bakboord says that the message from Oracle to customers is clear – “Move away from OBIA 7.9.6.x and move to OBIA 11g, either in the Cloud or On Premise.”

2. Cloud Services Are Reaching Maturity – Thoughts from OOW 2014

Myles Gilsenan of KPI Partners shares his post OOW14 thoughts.

3. Are Cloud Applications Ready?

Debra asks, is Oracle Cloud ready for these Applications?

4. #2MTT by @OTNArchBeat

Gurcan Orhan shares a “2 Minute Tech Tip” video.  He says, don’t forget that it was 8am in the morning and birds were still sleeping.

5. OBIEE Patch now available

3 Sixty Analytics blogs about the new patch. There are no new features in this patch – it’s just a bug fix patch. The full list of bugs fixed are detailed in the readme for this patch set.

6. Say “Big Data” One More Time (I dare you!)

Kent Graziano shares the following picture:

big data

7. OBIEE with Key / Name / Value table, the Union solution

Boris Dahav blogs, “A customer asked me to create an analysis on top of a Name – Value table. A table where instead of having one row for each key, there are multiple rows with the structure of Key_Value / Attribute_Name/ Attribute_Value. This structure is very nice for developers. They can add any attribute they want, but it’s a nightmare for reporting.” Read the full blog forthe solution.

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Piyush Dutta shared Capture Adhoc Report/analysis in Usage Tracking

Italia Nowodworska posted Statement of Direction: Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics (OBIA)

Duncan Mercer shared Five Smart Reasons Why You Need a Business Intelligence Tool

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OracleAnalytics  posted Views from IDC’s Craig Stires on the Cloud and Big Data

Daan Bakboord shared Facts and Dimensions – a perfect couple

BI Futurecom tweeted Correct order by Month date in OBIEE

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Videos such as Webinar : Best Practices with Oracle BI Financial Analytics

and Fiat Chrysler on the Benefits of Oracle Exalytics





Insert OBIEE name here

How many  emails do I get each week where it says,

“hi (insert name here) I just wanted to catch up with your current situation, I have an opportunity you may blah blah blah.”

IT enables mass communication at the expensive of the personal touch. 

And when it comes to recruiting, I know I prefer the personal touch.


Blogs of the week


In this blog, Scott Spendolini writes that APEX 5.0 is still going to be a few months off. The good news, however, is there will be an EA3.  Read the full blog for more information.

2. What do I need to know about Data Warehousing/OLAP?

Daniel J Power says, “A data warehouse is a central, integrated repository for historical, enterprise data from multiple business systems. An expanded definition for data warehousing includes business intelligence tools for analyzing the data and OLAP is part of the broader category of business intelligence tools.”

3. Help the Riley Family Beat Cancer

As the title says.  Dig deep please for this cause.

4. OBIEE – GO URL, the old (Px) and the new (COLx) way

Boris Dahav says, “OBIEE had always the ability to run GO URL links and pass parameters. It is documented in many blogs.”  Also see Oracle documentation.

5. Execution Plans Part 10: Guesswork

Jonathan Lewis writes, “In this instalment we’re going to look at an example where some of the numbers are generated by guesswork, and some by estimates that aren’t visible in the plan.”

6. Power of/Capabilities of Oracle BI Administration – Tool Query Repository Tool

Srinivas Malyala blogs, “ I guess many people might be knowing about this but thought of re-sharing as it may help at least someone.”

7. My OOW14 Overview

Debra Lilley puts together her thoughts on OOW14

8. Oracle BICS and Identity Management – A New Security Architecture

Shiva Molabanti blogs, “Oracle BI Cloud Service, a part of PaaS, offers a highly scalable, multi-tenant Oracle BI environment that is integrated with Oracle Cloud store. Oracle BI Cloud Service features Presentation Services to create analyses and dashboards, Oracle Database Cloud Service integration, self-service web-client Data Loader and Data Modeler, simple administration, and integrated Identity Management for Security (Authentication & Authorization) Services.”

9. OBIEE BUNDLE PATCH AKA (?) is available

Boris Dahav tells us that OBIEE new general bundle patch (number 9?), is available!

10. Installing Oracle on Windows 64bit

Brendan Tierney goes through the 13 steps then tells us we can now sit back, relax and watch the installation of (with the in-memory option) complete. Then he says, we are not yet finished and gives us step 14!

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Gerd Aiglstorfer shared OBIEE Monitoring – Rating

Ian Bristow posted Bundle Patch OBIEE 11g is available

Anshu Monga shared OBIEE11g Implementing KPIs, KPI Watchlist

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OracleBlogs tweeted Automating the OBIEE patching process from EM Cloud Control 12c

Boris Dahav shared OBIEE: NonEmpty MDX for Essbase (and Microsoft) – the secret life of PERF_PREFER_SUPPRESS_EMPTY_TUPLES

Shiva Molabanti posted Reporting Capabilities in Oracle BICS with respect to OBIEE 11g


Stories from and

Videos such as

TransRe attended Oracle OpenWorld 2014 and spoke about Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision


2 Minute Tech Tip: Integrate Oracle Essbase with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

OOW Special


In case you didn’t notice, last week was OOW week.

I personally stayed at work and delivered some great dashboards (I thank you), but some people (um hum, Christian) had a whale of a time in sunny/foggy San Francisco (that place where they used to host the Americas Cup!)

Luckily, there are those who went, and who blogged (how did we manage in the pre-Internet era?)





Blogs of the week

1. OOW14 day 0

Christian Berg talks breakfasts, sessions and scheduling issues!

2. Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – Back to the Future

Alex Hansal says, “Having to watch Oracle OpenWorld with several time zones between me and San Francisco has the benefit of getting enough sleep and waking up to interesting news.”

3. Oracle Openworld 2014

Arun Kumar shares lots of photos!

4. Real Time SQL Monitoring Support in Oracle SQL Developer [Video]

Jeff Smith says, “I had a pretty good week of presenting at Open World this week. 3 solo presentations, all well attended. But in one, I had a technical issue – that’s code for I was having problems because I was using the wrong database connection – when trying to show off the Real Time SQL Monitoring support feature in Oracle SQL Developer.”

So he shares this video:

5. Oracle OpenWorld, Day 5

Oracle OpenWorld 2014, day 4

Oracle OpenWorld, Day 3

Oracle OpenWorld, day 2

Oracle OpenWorld, day 1

Cameron Lackpour shares his OOW14 experiences in a series of blogs.

6. Your Ideas on OOW BI and Analytics Scoop Session

Dan Vlamis asks:

For those that attended:

  • What did you find interesting?
  • Any funny stories to share?
  • What was different from what you expected?

For those that didn’t attend:

  • What would you want to know?
  • Are you more interested in the “behind the scenes” or the “major announcements”?

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 Daan Bakboord tweeted Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Presentations are available to download from here.

Christian Berg shared his blog ‘OOW14 Days 1 through 4 and wrap-up’. 

Debra Lilley shared the video ‘The Oracle ACE Program – An Overview’

Gokhan Atil posted a presentation on OOW14: Database Patching Best Practices

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Stewart Bryson posted a link to the Georgia Oracle Users Group

Daisy Ding shared Methods of Grouping and Summarizing in R Language

Anshu Monga shared OBIEE11g Implementing KPIs, KPI Watchlist

Stories from and

Videos such as Mark Hurd: Companies With Billions of Revenue Rely On Oracle

and Connecting to an Oracle Database Cloud Instance


Don’t forget that KScope 15 is going to be soo cool (especially for us Nerks ( nerdy geeks )).  I will be buying a new T-Shirt just for the event :)


blogBlogs of the week

1. Installing BITeamwork on SSL Configured WebLogic Admin Server

Christian Screen writes, “ Although not a very common integration but every now and then an organization will install OBIEE with SSL configured between the components.”

He lets us know of common errors and how to fix them!

2. APS diagnostic report failure

John Goodwin says, “If you are running and a Provider Services version before patch 502 then if you run a diagnostics report you should hopefully see a pass for the Essbase web services. If you decide to apply patch 502 or later then there are some changes that have been made to the web services.” Read on for more details.

3. My Oracle Open World Objectives

Debra Lilley explains the many hats she will be wearing this year at OOW!

  • Oracle ACE Director*
  • Oracle Applications UX Advocate
  • Usergroup Leader
  • Speaker
  • Partner - My new job
  • With Analysts
  • Just for fun
  • As a mum


This blog goes through interview questions regarding Agregate Tables such as:

  • What is granularity?
  • What is content logical level ?
  • If Two fact tables, due to some reason has same granularity then how to decide the priority?

5. The importance of BI specific skill sets

Lyndsay Wise writes, “BI implementations are becoming more commonplace as organizations realize they cannot overlook the management of and access to their data in order to facilitate better decision-making. What this means for many is the re-evaluation of resources, skill sets, and project planning to ensure that the proper resources exist to support BI and analytics development.”

6. #OOW14 Sessions & Interests & Social

Gurcan Orcan lists his sessions:

Here are my sessions to speak for this year’s Oracle Open World.

and then goes on to list the sessions he himself would like to attend.

7. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Resources

Pravin Khadakkar says, “Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) is one the most significant product to enter into the Big Data space, this blog is an attempt to give a brief overview of the OEID and list down links for resources for the same.”

8. Building KPIs And Using KPIs Presentations

Boris Dahav says, “At the last ILOUG we presented the “KPIs creation in OBIEE”  and “Using KPIs in OBIEE”.

Download them here.

9. Treemap Visual Now Available on Oracle BI Cloud Edition

Last but certainly not least, Christian Screen blogs, “We all like new shiny-spoon features and it looks like the Oracle BI public cloud edition will be brandishing at least one new visual on which we can feast our eyes. Treemap visualizations have long been a staple in analytical visual renderings and many a business user will be happy to explore this new functionality.”

He links to the following video: 

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service: Convert Data into Insight

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Marije Nelis asks How are technologies like #Cloud & #BigData transforming business?

Monwabisa C. Sibiya asks the question “Is there anyway of reporting using Google maps in OBIEE other than Oracle Spatial reporting?” Answer him here.

ANAND EKBOTE shared OBIEE Smartview Integration

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KPI Partners tweeted one from the archives - Complex Row Level Security in Oracle BI (OBIEE)

Gerd Aiglstorfer shared his blog post Oracle BI Mobile HD App

Daan Bakboord posted Update to the FAQ-section of the OBIEE – Sample Application (V406)


Edition of 22nd September

Stories from and

Videos such as

No Silver Bullets – OBIEE Performance in the Real World

and Deploying an Application to an Oracle Java Cloud Service Instance

Summer Loving – And OBIEE Greases the wheels of Industry


You may have noticed that Sailing features strongly on this blog, so today was a great day for us as we joined thousands of sailors around the World who raced against each in Barts Bash –

The only downside is that a certain large competitor of Oracle is presenting the results – We need to get the full Oracle based results analysis system out there to show that Oracle Database and OBIEE are better than a certain TLA.

I hope it didn’t pass you by – The Major news of the week is the launch of the Cloud BI solution from Oracle.  I don’t know how this will change IT departments, but look out for reviews on this as we find them.

Anyway, on with the show…

Blogs of the week

1. Your indispensable guide to DW at OpenWorld in iBook and PDF formats

Keith Laker has put together a comprehensive downloadable guide of all the data warehousing and big data activities at OracleOpenWorld 2014. Download it here.

2. Analytics Hands on Labs at OOW 14

Brendan Tierney says, “After trawling through the list of Hands-on-Labs it was disappointing to see that there was no Oracle Data Mining or Oracle R Enterprise hands-on-labs this year.

But there is a hands on lab that looks are how to use the new SQL for Big Data feature (announced over the summer).”

3. Who moved my data?

John Booth pays homage to ‘Who moved my cheese?’ in this blog about data.

4. OBIEE common Pre-defined System Session Variables

Praveen shares the common Pre-defined System Session Variables in this blog post.

5. It’s almost time! #OOW14 and #OTW14 – the biggest gathering of Oracle experts anywhere

Kent Graziano writes, “There will be much to see, do, and learn at what is arguably the largest (60k+ people) gathering of Oracle users and experts in the world. Expect big news from Oracle Corp, great sessions from Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors, and of course the annual customer appreciation event.

So here is my short list of what to check out this year:”

Read the full blog for what he expects to be highlights!

6. Minimalist Design for the Criteria Tab

Jeff McQuigg says, “When it comes to OBI report design, minimalist is the only way to go when it comes to the Criteria Tab.” Read his full blog post to find out why.

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This week on LinkedIn

Anshu Monga shared ETL Part 1

Kent Graziano posted It’s almost time! #OOW14 and #OTW14 – the biggest gathering of Oracle experts anywhere

Gerd Aiglstorfer shared Top 4 BI Articles

Mohamed Abdelaziz posted MERGE Two Repository in OBIEE 11G

twitterThis week on Twitter

David Haimes posted Focus on Oracle Social Network at OpenWorld

Danny Byrant shared Direct Database Request

Stories from and

Videos such as The Oracle ACE Program – An Overview

and 35th America’s Cup Press Conference – Full Replay

and Mark Hurd Previews Oracle OpenWorld Theme – the Social, Mobile Customer




This is post 100.

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun.

And boy, OBIEE is just too much fun  :)


Yes, there maybe new technologies turning your head, but stay faithful to OBIEE, it just gets better and better.



Blogs of the week

1. Execution Plans Part 9: Multiplication

Jonathan Lewis writes: “In part 8 we looked at a very simple execution plan involving a hash join; but that example was too simple to give us the full flavour of the arithmetic involved in Oracle’s predictions because every operation executed just once. We need to see some plans where each execution of a parent operation could requires multiple executions of its child operations; and that’s what we’re going to do in parts 9 and 10.”

2. Oracle OpenWorld Agenda Released

Eric Helmer lets us know that the Agenda is released – catch him (VP of Global IT Services at ADI Strategies and an Oracle ACE Director)  presenting CON4996, Session Title: “SaaS? Cloud? Oracle Exalytics? On-Premise? Exploring Oracle EPM Deployment Options” on Monday September 29, from 2:45 – 3:30 PM at Moscone West – 3010.

3. 30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days, Day 3: Syntax Highlighting

Jeff Smith gives us 30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days.  This one is day 3! Lots more tips to come.

4. 2 Options For Data Security in Tableau

Kumar Krishnaswamy goes though the Manual and Automatic options.

5. Build Your Own Time Hierarchy

Jeff McQuigg says, “Every single BI system has a time/date/period/calendar hierarchy in it. If you use the BI Apps, it actually comes with 2 different tables for this purpose alone, along with a ton of OOB capability. However, when you are faced with a pure custom system from scratch, how do you build one? What does it look like? What sort of data should it have in it?”

He covers:

  • There Are Multiple Hierarchies to be Aware of
  • A Closer Look at a Level

  • Optional Columns
  • Column Naming
  • Putting the Table Design Together
  • OBI Configuration
  • Building Calendar data
  • Testing
  • Other Notes

He wraps up by saying that a good time hierarchy should be very robust and flexible for users.

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Danny Byrant linked to Direct Database Request

Cameron Lackpour tweeted Oracle OpenWorld 2014 EPM/BI meetup

KPI Partners shared What Is Cache?… 5 Steps to Automatically Purge Cache in Oracle BI

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This week on LinkedIn

Gerd Aiglstorfer added OBIEE Mobile App Designer Release 2

Monica Hasebi shared The Answer to the Analytic Needs of a Business

Daisy Ding posted How to join related tables in database construction and analysis?


Stories from and

Videos such as Kevin McGinley’s ice bucket challenge

and Real Time BI with Kevin & Stewart: Man on the Street